Generally, public places such as restaurants are side by a multitude of people of various horizons. And you often encounter customers who are particularly unhappy with your service. Indeed the reasons for this discord are numerous: An error of order, a delay of the service or an outright rejection of an order.
There is no need to remind you that a prompt and peaceful resolution of this crisis, no matter how serious, is essential. Tell yourself that other customers are watching how you handle the situation. Indeed, the reputation of your restaurant is at stake. So the most important for you at this time will be to behave responsibly towards this or these client(s) sometimes out of control (Disputes, elevations of voice …)
But concretely, what must be done? We’ill propose you 08 rules to follow to avoid that the discord degenerates. And you can even set it up like a road map for all your employees.

1. Be truly attentive to complaints

Sometimes misunderstandings occur between employees and customers. It’ll be crucial for you (server or manager) to listen to the customer’s complaint. This will especially avoid any hostile attitude such as arms crossed or a casual air in front of an unscrupulous customer or even just capricious. Thus, your calm and serene attitude could quickly calm the situation and bring back your client to order.

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2. Be persuasive

Unlike a defensive attitude, speak to your customer! Talk to him in a temperate tone even if he raises his voice. There is evidence that when you lower your voice in front of a virulent antagonist, the latter tends to follow you unconsciously. And he may at some point drop a tone.
We, therefore, advise you to adopt this behavior, whether you are right or not. Indeed, each one making their own opinion, the most important for you is the dissipation of the complaints justified or not of the customer.

3. Put the upset customer in trust

The common phrase “The customer is king” isn’t just a figure of speech. You must tell your vexed client or at least make him feel. Believe us, politeness well placed from time to time during your exchange can be very effective. But an excess of flattery is strongly discouraged for fear of falling into ridicule. Indeed, your client is not fooled and you are not a clown either.

4. Ask questions

It sounds innocuous but it’s the best way to get out of trouble. When you ask relevant and specific questions about the subject of the complaint, you’ll better identify the problem and you will be able to propose concrete solutions to the extent of your means. Of course, do not take yourself for the detective “Colombo”. This can annoy the angry customer.
If the frame allows, you can call the angry customer by his name if he’s regular for example. So the conversation will be more user-friendly, and the questions will be better received.

5. Reformulate the problem

Indeed, once the good questions asked and the answers of the customers heard, you must in a kind of reformulation expose the situation to the furious customer. This allows, on the one hand, to remove the uncertainties and on the other hand to be in phase with your interlocutor.
And a trick to give you the time to respond properly would be to let customers from nearby tables express themselves on the complaint. In the end, you bring a serene atmosphere around the table in question.

6. Present your solution

As this is a particular problem, you need to provide a specific solution that fully satisfies the customer. We insist on the “Precise” solution. Indeed, the problem can be related for example to an error on the customer’s order. This may be due to a malfunction of your distribution service. Understand that your reasons are not important to your client. At this time, serving another dish corresponding to the actual order of the customer would be an appropriate solution.

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7. Keep a friendly atmosphere

Knowing that the restaurant is a public environment, it is essential for you to respect the well-being of your customers in general whatever happens. So when an incident arises, circumscribe it by acting as quickly as possible. You can also ask your servers to be more attentive with the surrounding tables in order to evaporate the incident from their minds.
Sometimes you’ll be confronted by disparaging customers who categorically refuse to listen to reason despite all your efforts. In the most extreme cases, it is possible to take precautionary measures. Such as calmly summon said client to withdraw from the establishment or to call your security service in case of brutal resistance.

8. Know how to be positive!

We could not conclude these tips without talking to you about positivism. Indeed, incidents that we experience daily, whether professionally or personally, can affect us. There will always be complaints, and mistakes will always be made. But it is our way of approaching them, of solving them and especially of knowing how to move forward, which matters. Managing men in crisis isn’t an easy task. And above all, it’s exhausting in the long run. So, a little advice, even if it’s crucial to learn from one’s mistakes, don’t take everything at all costs for yourself. On the contrary, empty yourself and remember the improvements you can make.