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We, at NexoPOS Solutions are open to receive any help from people who love our items. We would like to provide a tips on how to earn money by speading the word on NexoPOS and all others items around you.

CodeCanyon Affiliation Program

NexoPOS is a web application on sale on CodeCanyon. Fortunately, they are offering an affiliate program open for everyone, but you must have an account on Envato MarketPlaces. The rule of the affiliation is simple. If you have a website where usually you provide some recommendation of softwares, all you have to do is to write a post on NexoPOS (or any other of our items). This post should include a link to the description page on CodeCanyon and optionnaly to the demo. Check the Envato Affilate Program to know how to build your links.

You’re allowed to use NexoPOS Solutions images in the purpose of this recommendation post and as long as this usage does not undermine at the copyright.

How much do you earn per sales ?

Basically, you will receive 30% of the purchased item price. Since our item cost 35 USD for NexoPOS and 24 USD for Gastro, you’ll receive per sales :

  • 10.5 USD for NexoPOS
  • 8.4 USD for Gastro

Which makes a total of 18.9 USD for a successful sales of both softwares. However, the rules may change from Envato side, therefore we don’t provide any guarantee of the earning you’ll realize. Make sure to usually take a look at each product description page to adjust your price accordingly (especially in case of discounted sales).

What should you avoid to do

Affiliation has rules which need to be followed to increase the chance of the visitors conversions. All theses stuffs are listed on Affiliation Terms, however we’ll list some of them here.

  • Display a sales prices which is not true to reality.
  • Referring the items as belonging to you

If you have any other questions related to the affiliation, you can contact us. Thank you for your help.

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