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NexoPOS 4 beta 2


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NexoPOS 4 has been rebuild for Windows and this is a beta version 1. NexoPOS 4 is still in development process, so currently many feature might not work as expected. If you download this application, you can to report any issue during the installation process at [email protected]

Requirement before usage

In order to install and use NexoPOS 4, you need to have an account on Nexo Platform. You don’t necessary need to have a licence registered to your account, but the suggestions has a better priorty. It’s only require to have MySQL installed on your system. You can use a virual server like WAMP or XAMPP to have that installed.

Note for this beta 1

What we’re attempting to test, is the installation process. So we would like to make sure the database is correctly configured and all the tables are installed. If the setup works as expected on various computers, then we’ve reach our goal. You can however proceed by testing others aspect of the software and share your feedbacks. If during the download or the installation process, there is a virus or malware report, please let us know with a screenshot.

If you would like to reset the installation once installed, you just have to delete the database created by the application. HeidiSQL is a good client to manage MySQL databases.

Thank you for your time.


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