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How To Ensure Your Business Growth

How to ensure your business growth

A company, whether multinational or a small TPE, must sell to “survive”. It’s also his real mission: profitability! To ensure this mission, the commercial aspect is very important. In such a competitive environment, a company can no longer simply “sell” but must plan a real business strategy that will result in its commercial management. This is why commercial management is a must of a successful company.

What is business management

Commercial management takes care of the entire chain necessary for the production of goods and services for sale. It will therefore take over the forecasting, the realization and the follow-up of the sales. Commercial management encompasses both the purchase function, logistics, billing and sales (including after-sales).

The importance of good business management is no longer to be demonstrated. It’s also thanks to that the company is piloted. In fact, the commercial management will fix the sales prices, follow the stock, manage the customer relations … but also the relations with the suppliers (raises for outstanding debts). It’s also on the basis of the indicators provided by the commercial department that leaders will be able to make strategic decisions.

Commercial Management software: The concept of a management system:

For good business management, it is necessary to help with commercial management software that will enable the company to improve its management efficiency.

There are more or less comprehensive business management software. Depending on the size of your business and your needs, you will be able to decide on the different modules to acquire. Most of them are equipped with:

  • An invoice management module: with the ability to create invoices, order vouchers, and delivery vouchers while maintaining and tracking history of a sales.
  • Purchasing Management module: This module allows to track all production flows and to give visibility on the state of sales as well as supplies.
  • Tracking financial flows through your company’s purchases and sales
  • A correlation with the accounting department that allows them to transmit all the data.

Given the cost of acquiring this type of software, it is also important to evaluate the interest in your business and to calculate its profitability period.

NexoPOS : Simplified business management Solution for small and medium-sized enterprises:

NexoPOS is a point of sale that offers a set of features that will allow you to manage your business.

You have at your disposal stock management tools during the supply to the retail sales to the customers.

Take advantage of the different reports available to better monitor the evolution of your business.

  • Detailed sales reports
  • Best sales reports
  • Daily sales reports
  • Incomes and losses reports
  • Expenses listings reports
  • Cash flow
  • Annual sales reports
  • Cashiers performances reports
  • Customers statistics
  • Inventory tracking sheet

You can take a look to the demo here and buy the software on Code Canyon here.

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