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NexoPOS Demos

Here is a list of different NexoPOS demos in different languages. Make a choice, to test NexoPOS in your language.

English Version

The English version offers the fully translated interface. This includes the different modules available and the system. You have access to the list of products, point of sales and customers.

Arabic Version

The Arabic translation of NexoPOS offers an interface in RTL mode. The entire system has been translated and translations continue to be improved. You have the same access than in english.

French Version

This is the original translation of NexoPOS. The entire system has been crafted in french. The dependencies modules has then been released in english.

German Version

The german translation, offer the entire system translated including the dependencies modules. You’ll have access to the POS, the items and the customers.

Spanich Version

The spanish translation has been made to fulfill our spanish customers needs. The system is entirely translated in spanish including all the available modules.

Turkish Version

The turkish translation has been offered by a customer who loves NexoPOS. This translation works with available modules (even Gastro no included).

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