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You can learn here how to install NexoPOS, Gastro, Nexo Store and Nexo Print Server. If your need is not covered on this tutorial you might consider search from the documentation list.

How to install NexoPOS 3.x

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install NexoPOS in your computer locally and remotely. The installation will be made in 5 simples steps.

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How to install Nexo Print Server

Nexo Print Server is a Windows application which helps you to have a better, faster and silent receipt on NexoPOS and Gastro. Learn how to install it.

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How to transfer NexoPOS to remove server

If you’ve been using NexoPOS for testing on your computer, you might need to know how to transfert it on a remote server. It’s all explained here.

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How to install Gastro on Tendoo CMS

Gastro is a NexoPOS module that you can install to have access to restaurant features. Learn how to install it on your local environement.

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How to install a module on Tendoo CMS

Modules helps you to extends or modify exsting feature on Tendoo CMS or any of his yet installed modules. Learn how to install module on Tendoo CMS.

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How to install Nexo Store on WordPress

Nexo Store is a WooCommerce plugin which let you sync your store with NexoPOS.  Learn how to install it in just few clicks.

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