Managing Orders

Here is a list of tutorial which cover the management orders. This include orders on NexoPOS, Self Order Kiosk and Nexo Store.

How to manage orders on Self Order Kiosk

If you’re using the Self Order Kiosk module in your system, to let your customers order by their own, you might need to know how to configure it.

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How to place order with Gastro enabled

Once gastrto is enabled, placing order is a little bit different that what NexoPOS already offer. Learn how to proceed to an order with Gastro.

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How to place order on NexoPOS

Once that you have NexoPOS installed,  one of your most frequent operation will be to proceed to sale. This let you know how the sales process works on NexoPOS.

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How to use a coupon on NexoPOS

If you usually use coupon on your store, you should then know how to use the feature coupon available on NexoPOS.

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How to manage ready orders on Gastro

If you’re using Gastro for your restaurant, you’ll learn in this tutorial how to manage orders marked as ready on the kitchen screen.

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How to merge orders on Gastro

For a restaurant management system, you might often use the merging feature, which works great to combine 2 differents orders together.

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How to use cash registers on NexoPOS

This tutorial will show you how to configure a cash register and how to read the history after each opening and closing for a better activity monitoring.

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How to use the search field on the POS screen

The search field can be used either with a barcode & manually with a mouse and keyboard. This tutorial guide through it’s usage.

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