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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install the system for me ?

Installing the system for your is not part of the support. The customer is responsible of installing the project on his system, whether is locally or remotely. We might assist the customer if he’s unable to do it. In that case we might give him instructions on how to do it.

What if NexoPOS has errors ?

As part of the support, we’ll be there to provide support if NexoPOS has some error on your system. However, you should make sure that NexoPOS is compatible with your system. Check if you’re running the recommended PHP version¬†as well as the recommended MySQL version.

Do you customize the item ?

NexoPOS can be customize by our developper team, to ensure the compatibility with your needs, but it’s made according to our availability, so we might not be available for a customization sometime. In case we are, you should provide a full documented needs to [email protected] or by any discussion channel provided.

Update for Customized Project

If the project has been edited by you or any third developper, updating the script is at your charge. We’re even not available to customize project which has been edited by any third party developers. In the other hand, if we’re responsible of the development we can update your custom project in some conditions.

Can my customization be private ?

If NexoPOS is a popular POS System, it’s because at a certain moment a customer has requested a customization.
All customizations, if they are part of our guide line is added to the main source code. If a customer would like to have
his customization private, we encourage him to hire an independent developper.

Are you available for a partnership ?

We’re not available for a partnership, but we’re available to help you according to the support guidelines. You can however create a business around NexoPOS items and sell it at your price. This business should not undermine the copyrights and the envato licences terms as described here. For more informations about that, contact us at [email protected]

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