Your First Steps

Using NexoPOS

So you’ve purchased NexoPOS on CodeCanyon and you would like to know what is the step by step guide to start using it. Don’t look further, we got you covered.

First Steps Tutorials

1 - Register To Nexo Platform

If you’re a new customers, you should always have an account on Nexo Platform. This will help you to get updates and support.

2 - Installing NexoPOS on your server

INow that you have your account on Nexo Platofrm, you’re ready to install NexoPOS on your server. It could also be a local installation.

3 - How To Install Modules

You might have to install some modules before using NexoPOS. This tutorial let you know how to install a module.

4 - Validating Your Licence On NexoPOS

Once that NeoxPOS is installed, you need to validate your installation. This is possible with the custom module Nexo Updater.

5 - Activate The Demo (optional)

You might start testing the application in comparision with the demo on CodeCanyon. Learn how to activate it here.

6 - Create Products

Okay, you know how to activate/deactivate a demo. Now you want to go live. Your first operation might be to create products.

7 - How To Import Products

Optionnally, you could have a file that you want to use to import your items (CSV). This tutorial teach you all you need to know to import products.

8 - Create Customers & Groups

The customers are one of the most important ressource on NexoPOS. You need to know how to create and manage them.

9 - How To Proceed To A Stock Taking

If you have your products registed on the system, you need to know how to provide stock to these latest. This tutorial help you on that.

10 - How To Proceed To A Sale

Everything is ready, it’s now the time to proceed a sale and manage orders. You’ll also learn how to handle refunds here.