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How Does The Kitchen Works On Gastro

How does the kitchen works on Gastro

Gastro is an extension of NexoPOS which add restaurant features to it. As part of the included features, you can use the kitchen, which basically let you control the state of each incoming meals. Today, i’ll show you how the kitchen is working on Gastro, so that you can understand how to use it.

What is the kitchen on Gastro ?

Gastro has a build-in feature which let you manage the state of meals. By managing the state of meal, we would like to say, making sure the order is being handled by the Chief. That involve “starting” the cook and define a meal as “ready” so that the waiter can serve it.

How to setup the kitchen on Gastro

The kitchen can actually be used in two differents way. Gastro let you manage splitted kitchens for each meals or manage all meals on the same kitchen.

Splitted kitchens for each meals

The purpose of managing meals separately will let you assign a specific category to a kitchen of your choice. You might one responsible of drinks or some responsible of pizza. You can then deleguate the preparation of that meal to that kitchen.

If an order has meals which belong to differents categories assigned to differents kitchens, each one will only see the meal that their can manage. That mean, a meal which belong to the category assigned to that kitchen. One kitchen can then set a meal as “ready”, but that will change the state to “partially ready”. The order won’t be “completely ready” until all kitchens complete the state of each item (of the meal) that appear on their screen.

Joined cooking for meals item

As the splitted cooking delegate items to specific category, joined cooking show up every meals item within the same screen. Having that feature enabled disable the “unlimited” kitchen feature.

How to use an unlimited kitchen

This feature is disabled by default, and here is the process on how to enable it. Go to the dashboard then access to the “restaurant settings” available within the “[your store] Settings”, where [your store] is replaced by your current store name. In our example the name of the store is “NexoPOS“.

Make sure the option “Disable Area and Rooms” is set to “No”. This feature will enable multiple kitchens and the restaurant menu will display differents options.

The next step is to create kitchen and assign categories to it. But you’re not forced to do that, and in such circumstance, the kitchen will be able to handle every meals.

You can select as many category as you want. And all item which belong to theses category will appear on that kitchen screen.

How to enable a single kitchen screen

If you don’t want to have many kitchens which manage all items states separately, you can then to “Yes” the options “Disables Areas and Rooms”.

The restaurant menu, will now looks different. Theses menus (kitchens and areas) are replaced by “Kitchen View”, which take you to the kitchen screen.

The use of the kitchen screen for multiple or single kitchen is the same.

How to use the kitchen Screen

In order to access to that kitchen screen, you need to access to the kitchens list. then click on the option to see the “Open kitchen” menu.

When it’s open, all items which belong to a category assigned to that kitchen are shown. If you don’t assign a category to it, then all items are then shown.  Here is how this screen looks like :

Each new upcoming orders are displayed on top. You can start the cooking by clicking on “Select All” and “Cook”. All items can be cooked individually.

You can use the same process to set a meal as ready.

How to check ready orders on the POS

If an order is complete (all items are complete), a notification will be send to the POS screen. And the waiter will be able know which meal is ready, pick and serve it.

The waiter screen on the pos looks like so :

This popup let you collect meal and serve it (for the waiter). There is a similar screen out of the POS. You can use the “Waiter Screen” available on the Dashboard. Here is how you can use it :

This UI only works for “Dine in” orders. It’s also possible to see the orders status from the tables history.

That’s basically how the kitchen works on Gastro.

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