Using multiple printers is a use case which often occur for large restaurants. If you’re restaurant have multiple kitchen, then you would like probably to know how to assign and use printers to each kitchens.

Gastro ease the process for small and large restaurants. Gastro provide all useful setting to setup the printers with Google Cloud Print. Before proceeding, make sure you know how to connect Google Cloud Print to Gastro.

Why using multiple printers for a Restaurant

in terms of separation of concerns, it’s usually recommended to split large tasks into small ones. The purpose of using multiple printers is to assign a specific task to a specific kitchen. You may then have a kitchen responsible of preparing drinks, another one for pizza.

How to use multiple printers with Gastro

The multiple printers go along with the kitchen view which might be used with or without the printers. So the first thing to check is to verify if the multiple kitchens option is enabled. This options is called “Hide Areas and Rooms” which option should be set to “No”.

Once you’ve set that, you’ll have to assigna printer to a kitchen on the same page, but on the right side.

The last step on the setting will be to define which Printing option would you like to use. Even if you assign a printer to a kitchen, it won’t work perfectly if the printing options are not set correctly. So, from the printing options, you’ll have to selection the option “Kitchen printers” in order to use kitchen printers rather than the default one.

Categories split for each kitchens

In order to split orders send to the kitchen, you need to assign which categories are handled by which kitchen. Basically that means, if you would like a kitchen to receive all drinks proceeded from the POS, you need to assign the categories under which the drinks items, are linked. We assume here that it’s the category “Drink” or “Juices”.

You can assign unlimited category, but make sure to avoid assigning an already assigned category to any kitchen. Once you’re done, save you setting and that’s all.

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