If you’re using Gastro on your NexoPOS installation, then you might be using the modifiers as well. Now, if you have a web site where your customers place orders, you might also want them to choose the right combinaison they want to add to their meal. So today, we’ll cover how Nexo Store uses the modifiers and how you can assign it to your items.

Requirements before using the modifiers on Nexo Store

Obvisouly, your system need to meet some conditions :

Without one of these, you can’t proceed with this tutorial, so if you’ve not covered one of the previous points, you should take a look at that.

How to use the modifiers on Nexo Store

We assume that from here, your system is correctly setup. We woud like to remind you that, the modifiers are not directly linked to items (products), but they must be added within a modifier group. And it’s the modifier group we need to assign to the product.

How to use the modifiers groups

From your WordPress Dashboard, you should be able to see a menu named “Modifiers“. In fact, this menu is a collection of CPT (Custom Post Type) of modifiers and modifiers group. We need create to strat by creating a modifiers group. Unfortunately, Nexo Store can’t yet copy the modifiers groups achitecture as set on Gastro and use it on WordPress. So, you need to se the eact same achitecture.

For instance, we’ll create a group named “Ingredients“, and save it. The modifiers group form has some similar fields as available on Gastro such as :

  • name : for our example we’ll use “Ingredients”
  • forced : define wether the customer can skip the selection of that group or not
  • multi select : define wether the modifier group should allow the selection of one only or more modifiers included.

Once done, click on “Add new Modifiers Group“. You can see the new group created avaialble on the side table, where you can manage it (edit, delete).

How to create a modifier and assign it to a group

The next step, is to create a modifier and assign it to a modifier group. You need to click on Add new avaialble within the menu “Modifiers“. This will take you to the modifier creation form.

Now here there is a small difference, in comparison with the modifiers group. Nexo Store can pull the modifiers created on Gastro and let you assign the modifier you’ll create to that latest. That means that, when an order is placed on WooCommerce, Gastro will be able to recognize the modifier in use and display the right information at the kitchen.

Let’s cover that are the available fields and how youc an fill it :

  • price : is actually the modifier price. It can be different or match the exact same price as set on Gastro
  • assigned modifier : is the modifiers available on Gastro which will be assigned to the modifier created on WooCommerce.
  • default: if this modifier belongs to a group where there are many others modifiers, you can set this modifier as active by default
  • Assign to a group: If you would like to assign this modifier to a group, select that here.
  • description : to provide more informations about the modifier

Don’t forget that you can also set an thumbnail to that modifier on the “Featured Image” section on the side (right). Once you’re set, don’t forget to save your settings.

How to assign modifier group to products

The final step of the process, is to assign a modifiers group to the product. In order to do that, you need to edit any available WooCommerce product and choose on the “General Tab” any modifier group you want to use. You can also assign more than one Group to the product, by bulk selecting group (on Windows you can press CTRL,on mac the ⌘ key).

Once you’re set, don’t forget to save your changes.

Preview modifiers in action

Now, when you browse your store on WooCommerce, you can test out the modifier by adding an item to the cart. here is an example :

That’s all, now you know how to setup the modifiers on Nexo Store.