The most common action when you purchase a NexoPOS or a Gastro licence is to test it out to see if it works as on the demonstration. Don’t worry about it, on this tutorial, you’ll learn how to activate the demo on NexoPOS and Gastro.

Why would you use the demo ?

In fact, there are many reasons that might take you to enable the demo version. As said before, one of the most common case is for new installations. The purpose here, is to see if the demo is similar to what is available on CodeCanyon. You can also want to use the reset feature, to remove all dummy data created.

How to enable the demo

Whe you make a fresh installation of NexoPOS, you’re land on a welcome page which invite you to enabled the demo.

But, also after having enabled the demo you can head to “NexoPOS Settings > Reset” to enable another demo or take another action.

The reset page display a form with a dropdown menu where you can select the action you want to take on the system :

  • Empty the shop completely, It’s a reset option.
  • Empty the store and restore demo data, it’s for restore factory value.
  • Activate demo for clothing store, It’s for restore data for a clothing store in particular.

So when you set to “Empty the store and restore demo data” option, click on “Reset to defaults” to validate your choice.

Right after, a popup will appear asking your password to confirm your action. Click on the “Restore” button to validate, or on the “Cancel” button to close the popup.

See the demo in action

When you have enabled a demo, you can go to the POS and see it in action. According to your choice during the reset process, differents items will appear at the POS. The following image, display some basic products when you choose the option “Empty the store and restore demo datas“.

It’s different when you set the option to “Activate demo for clothing store” as well:

How to enable the demo for Gastro

Gastro is a module for NexoPOS which provide restaurant features to your installation. So you have beforehand to install NexoPOS to use Gastro features. Once installed eand enabled, this module add a new option on the reset dropdown. So if you want to activate the demo for Gastro, simply head to the “Reset”, which is a sub menu of the NexoPOS Settings. And choose the “Restaurant demo” option. Then click to “Reset to defaults” button. You’ll also have to confirm your action like as said before.

Then the demo should looks like this :

How to remove dummy data

We assume that after testing, you need to go live with your real products and customers. NexoPOS on the reset section has a option to “empty the shop completely”. This means removing all the informations added with the dummy data. However, this doesn’t remove the settings. So, you’ll need to adjust them to your live store.

Once again, just select “Empty the shop completely” and confirm by inputting your password on the popup.

Well, that’s all for this tutorial. Thank you for your attention. If you have any issue during the process, please let us know at [email protected], or by commenting the tutorial.