In a previous tutorial, you learned how to create a table. The next logical step would be to assign an order to a table. So, we’ll show you first where you need to do this, and then we’ll explain the order assignment process in the second part.

Where do you assign an order to a table on Gastro

In this tutorial, we suppose that you know how to create an order on Gastro. Thus, when you are on the “Open POS” menu i.e the Point Of Sale menu, you can assign an order to a table in two ways. Either you click on the “Dine in” button in the row of action buttons at the top of the page or you click on the “Kitchen” button at the bottom of the page, then on the popup window, choose the “Dine in” option.

Both ways lead to the table selection menu. it should be noted that in the case you choose the “Dine in” way, it’s possible to set the table before taking the different orders of the customers. Then, you can pass the orders at the “Kitchen”. It’s not available for the “Kitchen” way.

Assign an order to an available table on Gastro

Generally, you’ll do it for incoming customers. Thus, you’ll select an appropriate table for your customers on your table selection interface. In our example, we’ill assume that we have table areas. The interface below shows areas. Area 1, for example, has two tables, one having four seats (Table A) and the other one seat (Table D).

Suppose we assign the orders of three customers to Table A. Once the table selected, you must set the number of people for that table. For this case, we’ll add three people on the four possibilities of the table.

After that, you will be redirected to the POS interface where you can place orders at the kitchen. You’ll have a message inviting you to confirm your action. And an invoice of the order will be printed automatically.

You can also see the difference between an empty table and a busy table through :

  • The time of use of the different tables
  • The icons representing the tables.

You can also view information about the assigned table status like the list of orders, the number of occupied seats, the cooking delay…

Note that, for those who don’t need areas, you can delete it on the Gastro settings. When you disable it, the table selection interface seems like this :

Then select a table to assign an order. And choose the number of people for the selected table.

We are thank you for your attention, and if you are any suggestion or issue with this process, please let’ us know by commenting on the tutorial or at [email protected]