Now that you have Nexo Store installed, you might want to start using it. Using Nexo Store, means interacting with NexoPOS. But before this happens, you need to authenticate with Nexo Platform, and that what we’ll cover today. Let’s get started.

Requirements before authenticating with Nexo Platform

In order to understand what follows, you need to have made the following preconfigurations first :

If you’ve not yet made the previous steps, you should complete it before reading this tutorial.

Authentication from WordPress

The purpose of the authentication, is to gain access to your NexoPOS installation. Doing that will let you :

  • Sync orders as they are placed
  • Sync products, customers & settings to NexoPOS
  • Setup modifiers on WordPress as in use on Gastro

In order to access to then authentication page, you need to access to WooCommerce settings using this path : WooCommerce > Settings.

Now from the WooCommerce settings, click on Nexo Store > Authentication.

Authenticating with Nexo Platform

Now you need to click on the “Login with Nexo Platform” button. This should takes you to the authorization page of Nexo Platform. The authorization page grant access to some of your informations, to an application registered at Nexo Platform. This authorization page usually looks like this :

Now let’s see how to ping a NexoPOS installation.

Ping NexoPOS Installation

You need to grant the access by clicking on the button “Accept“. Doing that will takes you back to Nexo Store settings, where you’ll see all your NexoPOS installations. Make sure the select the right installation and click on “Ping NexoPOS“.

If Gastro is installed, pinging your installation should result into a success message displayed abover the dropdown menu. If not, a description the error will appear.

Normally, the page should refresh automatically. Now all the button related to the authentication won’t appear, unless you revoque the connexion. If it’s your case, then you’ve successfully authenticated with Nexo Platform.