Whether it’s for a restaurant or a classic store, the point of sale is where you buy services or goods through an app. These are performed on touch screens and various other hardware options (tablets, Android phones, etc.). Nowadays, consumers expect a catering service that is faster and more efficient. A good point-of-sale (POS) system can, therefore, be an important factor in the growth and success of your restaurant. So how to choose your point of sale system?

The Characteristics of a Good Restaurant POS

The search for a quality POS system can be tedious even for the most reckless. Indeed, there is a multitude of paid or unpaid platforms solution out there where you can download a point of sale system. And this without counting the local enterprises that offer the same type of service. We’ll interest on paid platforms such as Envato market. It has a notorious reputation. To guide you in this search, we’ll give you some common characteristics to any good point of sale system:

  • The technical details generally concern the resolution, the compatible browsers, the framework used … Here it is especially for you to check the last date of update of the software. You must also check the demo version for ease of use, fluidity, and simplicity of the system.
  • The quality/price ratio is just as important. Indeed, compare two or three software on their respective prices and different services respects proposed.
  • The quality of technical assistance. You can subtly check it on the response time to clients and the different reviews made on the platform about the system. Also if it has an interactive website or even present on the social media (WhatsApp group, Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram…) to help future users of the system.
    In this regard, we suggest you test the characteristics of our restaurant software “Gastro” available on the Envato market to check the different aspects mentioned above.

The advantages of a good restaurant POS

Generally, a standard POS system must be able to do multiple actions like to track transactions in real time (Sales, stock management …). It can also allow you to print merge or split invoices quickly customers (Print online for example). It offers you the possibility to transmit directly orders to the kitchen, manage tables (occupancy time …) and manage kitchens (cooking time …). All these services are already available on our POS for restaurant Gastro and many other features. For more information on our system, please visit the home page of our website www.nexopos.com. There are additional features such as:

  • The customer reward system: This feature allows you to give bonuses to the most loyal customers.
  • The electronic order at the table: More and more restaurants are providing their servers with smartphones or tablets to enter orders directly at the table and transmit them immediately to the kitchen. Others install touch screens at the tables so that customers can place their order themselves. And also the customer can order from their phone. For the latter feature, we have software that can perform this task: The Self Order Kiosk.  It’s available on the Envato market. You can have more explanation about this software by reading our tutorial: Why your customers might like a kiosk in your restaurant.
  • The management of electronic or credit card payments: Indeed, this feature allows you to integrate credit cards as a means of payment. Given the increasing use of electronic cards for transactions around the world, the world of restoration isn’t immune to this revolution. To such an extent that it is a real advantage for any modern restaurant to have a means of electronic payment.
  • Activity reports generation: We have a lot of pertinent reports that can help you to efficiently manage your restaurant. We have for example the daily detailed report, the incomes and losses report… We invite you to visit our web site for more explanation about it.

Wrapping up

Finally, you have more reason to adopt the “Gastro” restaurant system for your business. it corresponds to all the characteristics of a good point-of-sale system. And also, it has honorable advantages worthy of a high-end system at the cost of a mid-range system. We warmly invite you to buy our software on the secure platform Envato market. If you liked this tutorial, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.