Imagine a situation in which you are faced with a queue of customers who are waiting for the service. One of the solutions would be for example to create appropriate keyboard shortcuts allowing you to easily accelerate the service at the point of sale. The configuration of keyboard shortcuts will be the subject of this tutorial.

How to configure Keyboard shortcuts on the POS (Point of Sale)

In this section, we’ll first show you how to do this configuration. Then, we’ll do a description of the process. Finally, we’ll take a practical case to better illustrate the process.


It should first be noted that the keyboard shortcuts in question mainly concern the actions performed on the POS. So to access to the configuration page, you must click on the “NexoPOS settings” menu, then click on “Keyboard shortcuts” sub-menu.


Once on this page, you have all the keyboard shortcuts options available. You can configure thirteen keyboard shortcuts as you like. Depending on the layout of your keyboard, you have a wide range of choices. Indeed you can decide to use the default keyboard shortcuts of the application. To do so, you just have to leave the concerned fields empty. The default keyboard shortcuts are shown below each specific field.


Here we’ll assume that you no longer want to use the default settings of the application. Take five of these fields to which we’ll assign keyboard shortcuts as we please.

  • Open the payment window: Ctrl + E
  • Hold order: Ctrl + H
  • Back to the sale list: Ctrl + B
  • Search product: Ctrl + S
  • Add a discount: Ctrl + D

It should be noted that you can use keyboard shortcuts such as “Cap lock”, “Del”, or “Enter”. In addition, uppercase letters aren’t supported.

At the end of your configuration, don’t forget to save your different entries. To do this, click on the “Save settings” button located at the bottom of the page.


That’s all for today’s tutorial. We hope that it’ll help you to better configure the keyboard shortcuts on your favorite application. However, if you encounter any difficulty during this operation, don’t hesitate to let us know either by mail [email protected] or leaving us a comment.