In the restaurant industry, good table management improves the flow of incoming and outgoing customers, and significantly increases the reputation of any restaurant. It’s therefore essential for you to master the availability of your tables in real time. But first of all, it would be advisable to know how to create a table on Gastro and also how to edit and delete it.  

How to create a table on Gastro

In general, you divide the tables in your restaurant not only according to the available space, but also to the table plan you have defined. So, you make combinations of tables with one or more seats. Then the tables are spread over one or more areas. Also to faithfully reproduce your table plan, Gastro offers you the possibility to create areas with as many tables as you want.

As you might understand, before moving on to create a table, you must first assign it to an area. But sometimes, you don’t need to create areas for your tables. You can disable the Areas first on the restaurant settings. Thus, If it’s your case, move directly to the creation of table section.

Creating an Area on Gastro

To assign a table to an area, you must first create that area. To do this, please click on the sub menu “Areas” of the “Restaurant” menu. If the “Restaurant” menu is not displayed, make sure Gastro is installed. Then click on “Add Area” button.

Once on the “Add Area” page, give a name for your new area, and add a description if you want. At the bottom, you have three options : save your entries, cancel your entries, or save and go back to list of areas.

If you clik on Save, you can proceed to another creation. However if you click on “Save and go back“, that will takes you to the list which looks like this :

Now we can move to the creation of the tables themselves.

Creating a table on Gastro

To create a new table, click on the “Tables” sub menu on the “Restaurant” menu. Then click on the button “Add  tables”.

Let’s explore the creation page. The “Add tables” page has five fields, 4 are mandatory.

  1. The field “Name” which is a mandatory field. It allows you to name the table.
  2. The “Area” field where you assign that table to an area. It’s a mandatory field if the Area feature is enabled on the restaurant settings. 
  3. The “Maximum seats” field : Here you set the available seats for the table. It’s a mandatory field.
  4. The “Status” field define if the table is available, reserved, in use or out of use. It’s mandatory field.
  5. The “Description field. As its indicates, you can give a description or additional information on the table you are creating.

Otherwise, you have action buttons such as the button “Save” to save your data and move to a new data entry. You have too the “Save and return to the list” button to save and go to the list of tables. And also the “Cancel” button to reset form.

While it may be important to know how to create a table, it is also useful to know how to make changes and delete tables.

How to edit a table on Gastro

It may happen that you have to edit your table plan, for example because of an extension of your structure. On Gastro, the modification of  table is quite simple. So just click on the “Options” button of the table you want to edit. Then click on the option “Edit tables”. If you have a lot of entries, you can search from the search bar for the table you want to edit, and therefore, make any changes that you think necessary. Don’t forget to save your changes.

In addition, you should notice that you also have the option of changing the names of your Areas. You just have to click on the “Options” button of the area to edit and select the “Edit area” option as shown below. This modification has no influence on your tables.

How to delete a table on Gastro

To delete a table on Gastro, you must click on the “Options” button and select the “Delete tables” option on the table of your choice.   

Well, that is all for this tutorial. If you have any issue during the process, please let us know at [email protected], or by commenting the tutorial.