For a business, such as a clothing store, buying, selling and tracking stock flow are really important. Saving items on NexoPOS is then a required step. This feature helps you to store your items, so that it can be used for sale, for supply and even on reports. For this tutorial, we’ll see how to create, delete and edit an item on NexoPOS. In bonus, we’ll see how to add a flash item.

How to create an item on NexoPOS

In order to create an item, you need to access to the dashboard, click on the “Inventory” menu, a drop down will appear, then click on “Add Item”.

You can also add an item from the “Items List” page, just click on the “Add items” button.

The item creation page has 4 tabs, which have fields where some are required. Here are the tabs available:

  1. Identification.
  2. inventory.
  3. Price.
  4. Features.
    For this tutorial we’ll create an item named :  “Moley’s zip leggings”.

Tab : Identification

On this tab, you must fill in the following mandatory fields :

  1. Category : “Leggings”.
  2. Item name : “Moley Zip Leggings”.
  3. SKU  (Stock Keeping Unit) which is a unique reference code (number + letter ) for the item : “LEGGINGS04”.

It’s important to note that more than one item can have the same SKU. The other fields are optional. If you want to know how to create categories on NexoPOS, you can read this tutorial.

Tab : Inventory

On this tab, the required fields are :

  1. The state, here you choose whether the product is available for sale or not.
  2. The item type defines whether the item is physical or digital.
  3. And the “Stock management”. If enabled, the item stock will be deducted on each sale.

In our example, we made the following choices: “On sale” for the item “State”, “Physical item” for the “item type” and “Enabled” for the “Stock management’ option.

Tab : Price

This tab contains all the fields related to the financial value of the product. It is also possible to manage the discount, which can have a start date and an end date. If a tax applies to an item, you can select it and define whether the tax is inclusive or exclusive. For our product, the selling price is set to $ 17.99.

Tab : Features

Here we just specify the color of the product : “Black”. But you can set other characteristics such as “Weight”, “Height”, “Width” and “Description” depending on the nature of your item. You can also download an image for illustration. This image will be shown on the POS (Point of Sale). Once you’re done, you can use the tree available buttons :

  1. “Save” button, which save the item and allow you to proceed with the data entry.
  2. “Save and go back to the list” button, which save the item and takes you back to the items list.
  3. And “Cancel” button, which reset the form and takes you to the items list.

When you click on the “Cancel” button, you have to confirm your action.

Once on the “Items List”, you can check that the item has been saved. Enter it in the search bar and click on the “Search” button. You’ll find the new product created with all his characteristics.

How to delete an item on NexoPOS

In order to delete an item, you need to access to the item list which shows all the items available. This page allow you to delete items in 3 different ways. You should note that, for all these cases, you’ll always have to confirm your action.

How to bulk delete items

Make a simultaneous selection of all the items on the table (1) then click on “Delete selected” button (2). Also note that you can display more entries on the table if you want to delete more items.

How to delete multiple items

Here, you can delete one or more items from the table.

How to delete single item

By clicking on the “Options” button on the far right of your page, you have the “Delete Items” option to delete an item.


How to edit an item on NexoPOS

We’ll show you how to edit an product. In order, you must go to the “List of items” page. Make a quick search for the product to edit, for example the “moley’s zip legging” item. Click on the “Options” button and select the “Edit Item” option. once on the page, make any changes that you think are necessary.

After having made your modification, don’t forget to save that by clicking on “Save” button.

Add a flash item on the POS 

Adding quickly a new item for sale can be very helpful. Imagine a situation in which you find yourself facing a customer with an unlabeled item or no longer found in the point of sale product search field, this feature allows you to quickly register this product or the product stock of products and switch to sales, waiting for audits later.  

In order to add a new item, you must first enable this feature in the NexoPOS settings. (Follow the link above to find out more) Thus once configured, the Point of Sale looks like as follows:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is How-to-add-a-flash-item-on-nexopos-POS.png

Then click on the “+ item” button to add to the cart. You will be directed to a pop-up window. You will have to fill three fields:
The item name : For example “zzz”
The unit price : For example “$ 30”
The quantity : For exemple “200”

Once the fields are filled, confirm your new addition by clicking on the “Add product” button or the “Close” button to cancel it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is How-to-add-a-flash-item-on-nexopos-edit.png

Now you can proceed with the sale of the item as it has been automatically added to the cart. You can also add a discount, or a delivery charges to the cart if necessary. Discover how to do on the tutorial dedicated to the management of orders.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is How-to-add-a-flash-item-on-nexopos-sale.png


An error message appears, prompting the user to check the fields when :

  • You create a product with a Barcode or SKU (stock keeping unit) already in use, the creation will fail.
  •  While setting up a product, if you forget to fill in one of the required fields, the creation will fail.
  • Also, it’s not possible to delete a product if it has already been sold. A solution would be to indicate that the item is no longer available for sale on the “State” field of the “Inventory” tab of the item editing page. (See the “How to edit an item on NexoPOS” section).

Wrapping up

Creating an item on NexoPOS is the first step before proceeding to sales. The item creation page, has 4 tabs with fields. You can only fill the required fields, but don’t hesitate to provide more informations for your item. If you have any issue during the process, please let us know at [email protected], or by commenting the tutorial.