A coupon is a voucher to benefit from a discount on the selling price of a product at the time of checkout or at a later purchase. It’s therefore an important feature of the marketing strategy of a company that not only rewards loyal customers, but also allows the launch of attractive advertising campaigns.

On this tutorial we’ll learn how to create, delete and edit a coupon. Also if you want to know how to use a coupon on NexoPOS, you can read this tutorial.

How to create a coupon on NexoPOS

In this section, we’ll show you how to access the coupon page (preliminary) and the creation process itself.


In order to create a coupon, you need to access to the dashboard, click on the “Coupons” menu, then click on “Add a coupon”.

Another way to create a coupon is to enter the “Coupon List” and click on the “Add Coupons” button.

Creation itself

On the coupon creation page, you have a list of fields to complete, some of which are mandatory.

  1. The code which is a mandatory field identifies the coupon in question. And for the illustration, we’ll create one named “Coupon A211” (Give the name of your choice).
  2. The value is also a required field. Here you set either a fixed amount or a percentage for the discount of the coupon. For the example, 5% (Simply enter 5, it’s not necessary to add the % sign).
  3. The type of coupon : It’s also a required field that determines the type of discount based on the value of the discount. In our case the value of the coupon being 5%, it’s a percentage.
  4. Required Products: Here you can select one or more items to discount at a sale. Otherwise the coupon will apply to all items. So this field is not mandatory. In our example, we choose to apply the discount coupon on the “Moley’s zip leggings” item.
  5. Required categories : Here you have the possibility to choose the categories to which you want to apply the coupons. Thus, the coupon will be used for any item belonging to the selected category. In our case, we have set “Pants” as a required category.
  6. Usage limit allows you to restrict the use of the coupon to a specified number of times as you wish.
  7. Expiration date : This is the date until which the coupon will be valid. If this field isn’t filled in, the coupon wil have an unlimited duration of  use.
  8. Cashier rewarded : If necessary, this field allows you to identify or to reward cashiers by whom customers will use coupons for their purchase.
  9. Description : For this field, you can add a coupon’s description.

Once you’re done, you can use the tree available buttons :

  1. “Save” button, which save the coupon and allow you to proceed with the data entry.
  2. “Save and go back to the list” button, which save the coupon and takes you back to the Coupons list.
  3. And “Cancel” button, which reset the form and takes you to the Coupons list.


Once on the “Coupons List”, you can check that the coupon has been saved. Enter it in the search bar (1) and click on the “Search” button (2). You’ll find the new coupon created with all his characteristics.

How to edit a coupon on NexoPOS

We’ll show you how to edit a coupon. You must go to the “Coupons list “ page. Make a quick search for the coupon to edit, for example the “Coupon A211” coupon. Click on the “Options” button and select the “Edit coupon” option. once on the page, make any changes that you think are necessary. For example, you can extend the expiry date of the coupon or increase the number of times it’s used.

How to delete a coupon on NexoPOS

In order to delete a coupon, you need to access to the Coupons list which shows all the coupons available. This page allow you to delete coupons in 3 different ways. You should note that, for all these cases, you’ll always have to confirm your action.

How to bulk delete coupons

Make a simultaneous selection of all the coupons on the table (1) then click on “Delete selected” button (2). Also note that you can display more entries on the table if you want to delete more coupons.

How to delete multiple coupons

Here, you can delete one or more coupons from the table.

How to delete single coupon

By clicking on the “Options” button on the far right of your page, you have the “Delete coupons” option to delete a coupon.


An error message appears, prompting the user to check the fields when :

  • You create a coupon with a code already in use, the creation will fail.
  • While setting up a coupon, if you forget to fill in one of the required fields, the creation will fail.

Wrapping up

Creating a coupon on NexoPOS is an important step in the development of a marketing strategy . The coupon creation page, has 9 fields. You can only fill the required fields, but don’t hesitate to provide more informations for your coupon. If you have any issue during the process, please let us know at [email protected], or by commenting the tutorial.