The customers are the main interested by your services and products. You should then be able to handle these latest on NexoPOS while proceeding to an order. We’ll show you on this tutorial how to create, modify and delete customers.

How to create a customer

There are two ways to create customers on NexoPOS : from the POS and from the dashboard. We will explain both methods.

From the POS Screen

Creating a customer from the POS is used when the customer has not been previously registered. So on the POS page, click on the “Add a customer” button.

A pop-up window will open. We advise you to fill only the field on the top reserved to the name given to the customer (1) and to quickly confirm your action by clicking on the button “Add a customer” (3) or to cancel it (4). You will complete others informations about the customer on the “customers list” later. But you also have the option to fill in the fields related to the following tabs: Basic Information, Invoice Information, and Delivery Information (2).

For exemple, we’ll quickly add the customer named “Daemon John”

Once the customer creates, add it to the order information by clicking on the button “Customer Account” (This is the default account defined for customers).

From the dashboard

Creating a customer from the dashboard is similar to creating a customer on the POS Screen. So to start, on the menu “Customers” click on the menu “Add a customer”.

On the customer creation page, you will see the following tabs: Basic information, billing information, and shipping information. All these tabs each have fields to fill. So you fill them according to the information that your customers will provide you.
A particular field should get your attention, this is the “Assign to a group” field in the “Basic information” tab. Indeed, it allows you to classify your customers according to their order of importance. We’ll show you on another tutorial how to create customers group.

You can save by clicking the “save” button on the top right.

How to modify a customer

We’ll show you how to modify a customer. In order to do that, you must go to the “Customers List” page. Make a quick search for the customer to edit, for example the “Daemon john” customer. Click on the “Options” button and select the“Edit customers” option. once on the page, make any changes that you think are necessary.

After having made your modification, don’t forget to save it by clicking on “Save” button on the top right.

How to delete a customer

In order to delete a customer, you need to access to the Customers List which shows all the customers available. This page allow you to delete customers in 3 different ways. You should note that, for all these cases, you’ll always have to confirm your action.

How to bulk delete customers

Make a simultaneous selection of all the customers on the table (1) then click on “Delete selected” button (2). Also note that you can display more entries on the table, if you want to delete more customers.

How to delete multiple customers

Here, you can delete one or more customers from the table.

How to delete single customer

By clicking on the “Options” button on the far right of your page, you have the “Delete customer” option to delete a customer.

How to set a defaut customer on NexoPOS

Setting a default customer is required before proceeding to sale on NexoPOS. The step to proceed is in fact very simple. You should first make sure to have a customer available that you’ll use as default customer and head to the customers setting to assign the default customer by default.

You might maybe wonder what is the “default customer” ? The default customer is the “walking customer”, usually it’s a customer who proceed to a purchase and don’t want to share his informations. So the system will use that customer and assign the placed order to this latest. 


An error message appears, prompting the user to check the fields when :

  • You create a customer already in use (The creation fail).
  • Entering data for a customer, if you forget to fill in the required field (The creation will fail).


Wrapping up

Creating a customer on NexoPOS allow you to manage efficiently your customers. You can make it from the POS screen or from the customers menu. In both cases, it’s the same process. The most important field is the name of the new customer, but don’t hesitate to provide more informations for your customer. If you have any issue during the process, please let us know at [email protected], or by commenting the tutorial.