Before being able to handle materials, you need to create some material. Materials here stand for a source of food. We usually count two types of sources: Plants & Animals. Plants can be any ingredients such as tomato, grains, vegetables. That’s exactly what we’re about to create on Raw Material.

Requirements before Creating materials

Before creating some materials, we need to have some units and units groups defined. The units are used to define measures for the materials. This is useful for the system to compute correctly how to calculate the materials. If you haven’t yet created material, please consider following this guide.

Creating Raw Materials

Throughout this guide, we’ll go over some pratical example which will be chicken. We’ll assume the chicken will be used for a meal we’ll call “Fried Chichen”.

Let’s then head to Raw Material menu then “Materials”.

This takes you to the table of the materials already created. Since we don’t have any, let’s click on “Add Materials“.

This takes you to a new UI where you can create material (typically ingredient or meat/animal name). In our case, we’ll create Chicken.

Now you just have to fill the following fields like so :

  • Name : the human name of the animal/plant
  • SKU : a lowercase without space nor special character name for the animal/plan
  • Unit Group Assigned : here you define the Unit of measure group which apply to the material
  • description : any information which can be useful

Once you’re done, make sure to save your modifications. This should takes you to the material list where you can see the material you’ve created.

Final Words

We’ve reached the end of this guide, you might now want to know how to make some procurement for the material you’ve created. There is also a way to check the stock of the material you’ve created.