Modifiers describe a customer preference as an instruction to the kitchen. You would create a list of each modifier that describes the specific instructions, before grouping them in a Modifier Group. We saw in a previous tutorial on how to create modifiers on Gastro. Today we’ll see how to create modifier groups, how to apply it on an item, and also how does it works on the POS (Point Of Sale).

How to create a modifiers group on Gastro

In order to create modifiers groups on Gastro, click on the menu “Inventory” and select the submenu “Modifier groups”. On this page, you’ll see on the right top the “Add modifiers groups” button.

Let’s go to the creation process. The “Add modifiers groups” page has five fields to fill out whose three mandatory.

  1. The field “Name” which is a mandatory field. It allows you to name the modifier group.
  2. The “update Price” field: If you would like the modifier to update the item price once selected, you can choose that here.
  3. The “Forced Modifiers” field: Enabling it will force modifier selection when you select one item who need that on the Point Of Sale. This is a mandatory field.
  4. The “Multiselect” field: Enabling it will allow you to have more than one modifiers per item. This is a mandatory field.
  5. The “Description” field: As its name indicates, you can give a description or additional information on the modifier group you are creating.

You also have buttons such as the “Save” button to save your data and move to new data entry. You have the “Save and return to the list” button to save and go to the list of modifiers groups. And also the “Cancel” button to abandon your data entries.

Finally, your list of modifiers groups look like this:

How to edit a modifiers group on Gastro

We’ll show you how to edit modifiers. In order to do that, you must go to the “Modifiers groups” page. Make a quick search for the modifiers group to edit, then select your entry and click on the “Options” button and select the“Edit modifiers groups” option. Once on the page, make any changes that you think are necessary. Don’t forget to save your data at the end.


How to delete modifiers groups on Gastro

In order to delete modifiers groups, you need to access to the “Modifiers groups” submenu which shows all the modifiers groups available. This page allows you to delete modifiers groups in 3 different ways. You should note that, for all these cases, you’ll always have to confirm your action.

How to bulk delete modifiers groups

Make a simultaneous selection of all the modifiers groups on the table (1) then click on “Delete selected” button (2). Also, note that you can display more entries on the table if you want to delete more modifiers groups.

How to delete multiple modifiers groups

Here, you can delete one or more modifiers groups from the table.

How to delete single modifiers group

By clicking on the “Options” button on the far right of your page, you have the “Delete modifiers groups” option to delete a modifiers group.



An error message appears, prompting the user to check the fields when :

  • You create a modifiers group already in use (The creation will fail).
  • Entering data for a modifiers group, if you forget to fill in the required field (The creation will fail).


Wrapping up

Creating a modifiers group on Gastro allow you to manage efficiently modifiers. So you can make it from the Inventory menu. Otherwise, you have many options to customize your modifiers groups. Share with us your views by commenting on the tutorial, or contact us at [email protected]