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How To Fix API Key Issue On NexoPOS

How to fix API key issue on NexoPOS

After having installed NexoPOS, you might be facing some problem which make it impossible to create customers, users and even proceed to sale. The reason of this issue still not clear for our developper team, but we already have a fix for it.

Reason of the Issue : Rest API Keys are missing

What does that mean ? It mean that during the installation, the server wasn’t able to create Rest API keys, used by NexoPOS and Gastro to use┬áRestful endpoints.

What happens after each request is that the server return a 403 forbidden error.

Here might be the issue you’re facing when you try to access to the POS.

How to fix the API keys missing on NexoPOS

You need to login to your phpmyadmin. Once you’re there, select the option table. the real name has the prefix of your database, followed by a understand and the term “options“. By default, the name is “tendoo_options” if you’ve not changed the table prefix.

Open that table and get the “value” of the entry where there “key” is “rest_key“. In order to copy the value, you may have to click twice on the value text, in order the a field with the full value.

Now that you have the key value, you can open the next table which is “_restapi_keys” (preceded by the table prefix). Now create a new entry and add the following informations :

  • key – paste the value you’ve copied earlier
  • scopes – core
  • app_name – system
  • level – 0
  • ignore_limits – 0
  • users – 0
  • date_created – input (select) the current date
  • expire – input (select) the current date

Once you’re done, you can then save your entry.

Check if you can now proceed to sale or create a customer, if the issue persist, please contact us at [email protected]

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