NexoPOS, more than being a retail application, it’s also a playground for developers who want to add new features. Usually, for those having edited the source code directly, it’s scaring to update their script. They then choose to do it manually. Doing that comes with a lot of drawbacks, and one of these is to end up with incompatible content, usually causing errors.

One of the steps to be out from this deadlock is to reinstall the script. In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to can perform this directly using the Nexo Platform as the source provider.

Changing the source to a previous release

Let’s now imagine we’re using NexoPOS 3.14.78, and have made some changes. If you would like to reinstall the system, you can make Nexo Update seek an update for NexoPOS and reinstall the system at that version. The only change that you need to perform is to edit your current version on your config.xml file. Remember that, this file is located at the root of every module. For example, that file is located at:/application/modules/nexo/config.xml for NexoPOS. It’s the same for every module that you currently have.

So we could have the following configuration file :

And we can now downgrade to a previous version. It can be anything, but we recommend to downgrade to the last previous version. In our case, the last previous version is 3.14.77.

Now that it’s set, save the modifications. Head back to the updater module UI and search for updates.

Now you can proceed and download the recent Update. Note that this method works for the following modules :

  • NexoPOS
  • Self Ordering Kiosk
  • Gastro

For all other modules, they are already included on NexoPOS, so updating NexoPOS will update them as well. In the meantime, it’s not yet possible to download NexoPOS at a specific version. But hopefully, that will help to solve the mixed incompatible content issue faced by some users. You should also note that instead of editing the script directly, you should create a module instead.

Let us know if that worked for you or not.