When you use an application for restaurant, there are times when you need to send orders to the kitchen. Many uses a manual process by sending a copy of the bill to the kitchen, but gastro simplifies a lot for you .

If you do not have a computer in the kitchen that can allow you to use the meal management interface, you can use a printer connected to the network, and that is what I will show you today.

Google Cloud print come to the rescue

Recently, Google has a solution that connects printers to an application that is native or web-based. We wanted to offer you this service because it fits most printers.

If you’re on gastro, all you’ll have to do is access your Gastro module configuration settings and add two information that will be important: the purchase code for gastro or NexoPOS and the cloud proxy for Google Cloud.

How to get the printer proxy

I assume you have already created a Google account because it is mandatory. Once you are there, go to your Google Cloud print dashboard.

All you need to do now is to select any printer and click on “Details” above.

Once done, click on “Advanced Details“. This will develop a new information pane where you can find the proxy.

This proxy, is what you will add in the corresponding field in the settings of gastro. Once everything is done, you will need to be able to use the Google Cloud Print.