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How To Install A Module In Tendoo CMS

How to install a module in Tendoo CMS

NexoPOS is a point of sale system for retail stores. It’s a web based application which can be extended with modules. In this tutorial i’ll show you how install module for NexoPOS.

What is a module for NexoPOS

A module is a software basically a php script compressed into a zip file which can be uploaded (installed) on the system to improve or adjust some features. Since NexoPOS supposed to be extendable, you can install a module to disable, adjust or improve some features. NexoPOS itself is a module of Tendoo CMS, which is the software (CMS) used to run NexoPOS.

Where to get a module for NexoPOS

We’re providing modules to our customer to adapt NexoPOS to their system. You can learn more about that here. you can also contact us if you would like to know how to create a module for NexoPOS.

How to install a module on Tendoo CMS

Let assume you already have the module as a zip file. All you have to do, is to access to the dashboard. Keep in mind that only restricted role (master) can install a module.

From your dashboard, click on the button “Modules” on the left menu. This will takes you to the modules list. That’s basically the place where you can have a quick access to all module installed on the system. You can then enable or disable module from this place.

To install a module, click on the “upload a zip file” on the top right corner.

From that page, you can see an upload page where you can send your zip file. If that zip file is not a valid module,  then it will be rejected. When the file is selected, then click on “Add the extension“.

If the module is a valid Tendoo CMS module, you’ll then be redirected to the module list where you’ll see the new module hightlighted. All you have to do now it’s just to enable it by clicking ont he “enable” button.

That’s all. You have now your new module installed and activated.


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  1. Me da error luego que lo activo no puedo usar más la pagina de dashboard ni nada me daña el scritp
    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Error

    Message: Call to undefined function dashboard_url()

    Filename: inc/actions.php

    Line Number: 22


  2. Hello, please i have no way to update my nexopos. whenever i print there is writen on the report that says ” validate your installation”. Can you help me on how i can remove that?…. Thank you

    1. Hi, thank you for your interest. You need to register to Nexo Platform and save your licence (purchase code). Then you can come back to the system and proceed to the installation.

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