Gastro is a module for NexoPOS which provide restaurant features to your installation. in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to download & install it on NexoPOS.

How to download Gastro for NexoPOS

Gastro is available on CodeCanyon. Before downloading it, you need to purchase it from the same marketplace as well. Note that Gastro cannot work without NexoPOS, which mean a licence for NexoPOS is also required. Learn more by reading how to install NexoPOS.

Once that you have bought Gastro, you’ll be able to download it and installit on your installation. Note that, you’re invited to add your licence to your Nexo Platform account. it’s required if you would like to use all the platform features.

How to install Gastro on Tendoo CMS

Tendoo CMS is the application which host NexoPOS and Gastro, since both are actually modules (php scripts). So for Gastro, you need to access to the dashboard > modules > upload a module.

Doing that basically takes you to a page where you’ll have to select the zip file you want to upload. You can then choose the zip file that you’ve downloaded from CodeCanyon.

For the meantime, Gastro doesn’t ask a licence validation, but it’s likely to change in a near feature. That’s why you should add all your licences (for our bought items) on Nexo Platform.

Once uploaded, you just need to enable the module from the module list. Doing that, all the tables will be created from the dashboard.

when the module is enabled, you’ll be able to see the new menus added to the dashboard. If it’s the case, then Gastro has been successfully installed on your system.


Before receiving support, we’ll review your account on Nexo Platform to make sure that all the licence has been saved accordingly. You can therefore use your username to ask a support with it and not with the purchase code. Note that only the owner of the licence can as a support or he can expressly mention a person to receive a support in his place.

Here is however a way to fix the issue which might occur after having installed Gastro :

The POS doesn’t displays correctly with weird characters :

if it’s your case, then probably during the upload all assets were’nt copied correctly. This might occur if your hosting is set to stop executing php after a specified amount of seconds. Usually increasing the execution time and trying to upload again (after having removed) fix the issue. You can also check the browser console, to see whether there is any asset missing error. Get in touch with our team to have more information about this issue.

A php error is throwed right after the activation :

It seem like there is compatibility issue with Gastro and your environment. You should also check that your version of Gastro is up to date along with NexoPOS. Note that the recommended version of php for Gastro is 7.1. If your actual version is under that, you should consider updating your environment.