Nexo Print Server 2.0 is the new version of the software which helps you to have a better looking receipt using NexoPOS & Gastro.  It’s build using Angular, Angumar Material and some nodejs dependencies.

How to install Nexo Print Server

Nexo Print Server is available as a Windows application on CodeCanyon. This include the final build of the software ready to be installed on 32 and 64 bits system (a new change in comparision with NPS 1.0).

The installation process consist on running the installer, and everything will be made on the background.

Once installed, the dashboard will be open with the following look.

How to configure Nexo Print Server

You can access to the settings by clicking on the bar menu on top, which will reveal the available menu on Nexo Print Server.

In order to configure Nexo Print Server, you click on “Settings”.

From the settings, you can configure :

  • The port of the server. You should make sure that the configuration on Nexo Print Server and Gastro is set accordingly.
  • Whether if Nexo Print Server should start on Windows Startup
  • Whether the server should automatically run when Nexo Print Server starts. It’s required in order for NexoPOS to access to your printers

Don’t forget to save your settings once you’re done.

How does the logo Works on Nexo Print Server ?

The purpose of this new feature is to let you use your company logo on Nexo Print Server. Before getting started, you need to know that only “.png” images are supported. Your images doesn’t not exceed 300px of height and width. You might need to adjust your image before uploading that on Nexo Print Server.

In order to create a new logo, just click on the “Create” button.

Creating a logo require the following :

  • A human name (something that you’ll easilly recognize)
  • A shortcode. This should consist of letter and numbers only, starting and ending with “#”. e.g : #mylogo#, #customlogo#, #foologo#. Don’t use space within the shortcode.
  • An image. As mentionned before, you need to select a png file on your system. Make sure your image fit your receipt width.

Once set, click on Save. And you’ll move back to the list of available logo. Now you need to use the shortcode on NexoPOS so that during the print job, Nexo Print Server replace the shortcode with the saved image.

You can set that on the invoice and receipt settings. The NPS Section has now 2 new options :

  • Logo Type : let you choose wether you want to use the store name on the receipt or if you want to use the logo as defined on Nexo Print Server.
  • The Shortcode : you need to define the logo as you’ve set that on Nexo Print Server.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to save the settings.

Your receipt will look like this.