Nexo Store is a WordPress plugin which ensure a sync between a WordPress installation using WooCommerce and NexoPOS using Gastro. We’ve created this plugin to provide all the feature that NexoPOS & Gastro has to offer in combinaison with what WooCommerce has to offer in term of frontend store. Nexo Store is then made for store owner who want to receive orders from their website which can be synced on Gastro so that the chef or the waiter can handle that. This guide will then let you know how to install Nexo Store on your WordPress website.

Requirements before Installing Nexo Store

Before moving ahead with the plugin installation, you need to know what are the requirements. We would like to recommend you to have a good web hosting. Nexo Store can’t work if you use that locally. The reason why, it’s because it has to work with Nexo Platform, which link that to NexoPOS. One other requirement, is obviouly to have a licence (purchase code) for NexoPOS and Gastro, and have it running online (not on localhost).

Having that said, let’s get started with the installation.

Uploading Nexo Store on WordPress

Nexo Store consist of a zip file that you can either send using a FTP client, or upload directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Uploading from WordPress Dashboard

You need to sign in to your WordPress dashboard, go to “plugins” then “add new

Instead of choosing between the available plugins, we’ll click on “Upload Plugin” above the list of plugins.

When you click on that, a new seciton will appear above the list of plugins. You’l just have to select the zip file of Nexo Store and click on “Install“.

When you perform this action, Nexo Store will be installed on WordPress.

Uploading Nexo Store using a FTP client

Sometime, it might not be available for your to use the dashboard to upload any plugin. Using a FTP client, can be an appropriate solution for that issue. Before using an FTP, you need to have the credentials such as the host, the username and the password. Between all available FTP client, we recommend you to use FileZilla.

When you’re successfully connected to FileZilla, you need to browse to the root of your WordPress installation. The path might be different according to your hosting, but usually you can start from “public_html”. If you’ve installed WordPres son a sub domain, then open that folder. Now browser to “wp-content > plugins“. It’s on the plugin directory that you’ll upload Nexo Store, But you should do that after havin unzipped Nexo Store some where on your computer. In fact, it’s the content of the zip that you need to upload on the “plugins” directory.

Once that Nexo Store is uploaded, you need to check on your plugin list to see if it has been added between your available modules. If it’s uploaded, you can now activate the plugin to start using it.

That’s all for this tutorial. Now you need to learn how to connect Nexo Store with Platform.