So you’ve yet purchased NexoPOS 3.x and you would like to have it running on your computer/server ? You’re at the right place. Before moving ahead, we would like to remind something about NexoPOS. NexoPOS 3.x is actually a PHP application available on CodeCanyon. So, when a licence is bought from CodeCanyon, you have access to the application files that you can directly install and start using.

What are the requirements about NexoPOS 3.x

NexoPOS is compatible with php 7.1. It’s actually the recommended version. If you’re using many applications on your hosting environment which rely on a previous php version, you should consider using NexoPOS in a sub domain, where you can use the right php version. If you plan to use NexoPOS 3.x locally, then we suggest you to use a virtual server like : Xampp or Laragon. Finally the last requirement is to have downloaded NexoPOS from CodeCanyon.

Server stats requirements

Unzipping NexoPOS 3.x

Once you got the zip file from CodeCanyon, the structure looks like so :

Make sure that on the zip file there is an .htaccess file. If it’s not the case, you can contact us to have a new .htaccess file. Note that on some Mac computers, for security reason this file is hidden. You should then consider editing your system settings to make “.htaccess” are visible.

Extract NexoPOS on the folder where you want it to be running. If you’ve bought a new domain, and wants NexoPOS to run at the root of the domain, then extract it on “public_html” folder. Note that “public_html” folder might be different according to your environment. If you want NexoPOS to run on a sub folder, then obviously create a folder at the root and extract NexoPOS into it.

Creating a database for NexoPOS 3.x

NexoPOS is compatible with MySQL Lite. You should check that your mysql version is compatible with your PHP version as well. Creating a database for NexoPOS is required and depend on your environement. If you’re using a Cpanel environement, then you can create that using the MySQL Database Wizard.

If you’re using NexoPOS locally, then the configuration is different. This tutorial might guide you better on the configuration of a database using Laragon. For Xampp, you can check this tutorial.

Installing NexoPOS 3.x

Now that everything is ready, let’s install NexoPOS. Just access to the URL of the domain where you’ve installed NexoPOS. If you’ve used XAMPP or Laragon, then the URL might be “http://localhost/[the folder name]”, where “the folder name” is the actual name of the folder where NexoPOS has been extracted.

The main page should look like this.

Note that the name “Tendoo CMS 3.2.1” is not actually the name nor the version of the software. It’s the version of the CMS used to build NexoPOS. Tendoo CMS has also been build by Nexo Solutions. Now from this page, you can select your language and click on “Select Your Language” for it to be effective, or you can click on “Define Database Configuration“.

From this page, you have to provide your mysql informations, so that NexoPOS can access to your database and store data. If something went wrong, an error will be throwed about what happened. If everything is okay, you should get to the application details.

Now you just have to provide some informations about the application/site name, the master user username, password and email. Once done click on “Continue to Dashboard“. This should take you to the login page, where you should login using the credentials provided while setting up the application details.

Now provide your credentials and get to the dashboard where the magic happen.

Does you page looks like this ? If yes, then you’ve successfully installed NexoPOS. Good job.


Sometime, something wrong happen. Well don’t get worried, read what follows.

The setup takes me to a not found page (404 Error)

If that’s the case, you should check that the .htaccess file is available at the root of the folder where NexoPOS has been extracted. If it’s not the case, let us know. You can also consider checking if your enviroment support the module “mod_rewrite”. It’s actually an apache module.

An error is visible throughout the setup

The cause of the error might depend on your php version of wether a required PHP module is not correctly configured. Remember, NexoPOS require MySQL, PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.6.x.