Nexo Platform is made to help you to have all your installations in sync and makes you benefit from our services.  Indeed, we use it to store and secure licences informations, and to provide features like “One-click update” from NexoPOS.

Nexo Platform is also used to ensure the sync with NexoPOS and Nexo Store. If it’s the first time that you hear about Nexo Store, you should know that is a WordPress plugins which let you have your installation (NexoPOS & Gastro) in sync with WooCommerce. If you want to know how to install it, you can read this tutorial. Before ensuring the synchronization with NexoPOS and Nexo Store, your NexoPOS installation need to be linked to Nexo Platform, and that’s what we’ll conver today.

Requirements before linking NexoPOS to Nexo Platform

Before linking NexoPOS to Nexo Platform, you should have a valid (with support activated) installation hosted online. In fact, Nexo Platform, can’t access to your system if it’s hosted locally. What we mean by accessing, is to have an access to the ressource you’ve explicitely granted the access via our Oauth permission page. If you plan to use Nexo Store, you should also have Gastro installed on NexoPOS.

Linking NexoPOS to Nexo Platform

Doing that is quite simple. While registering your licence on Nexo Platform, you should input the current website URL. It should have the follow format for your website :

Once you’ve have added your NexoPOS licence on Nexo Platform, go to the licences list. Now click on “Options” for the licence of NexoPOS, then click on “Link NexoPOS“.

Doing that will take you to your NexoPOS installation Oauth page. Here you’ll only have to grant the access, so that Nexo Platform can communicate with your installation.

After doing that, Nexo Platform will show a confirmation message, proof that it has been successfully linked to your installation. You can use the same process to Unlink Nexo Platform from your installation. For that, just click on “Unlink NexoPOS“.

Wrapping Up

Nexo Platform is made to help you, by providing some extra features which can’t be provided by NexoPOS only. We also use that, to ensure the communication amoung our items, and that are registered on the platform. We’ll never have an unauthorized access to your system, out of the scopes clearly described on the authorization page. If we change our scope, we’ll make sure to notify you before. It could be through email or within the community group (WhatsApp).

If you face any issue during the linking of NexoPOS to your Nexo Platform, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]