What do you do when you have, for example, the expiry date of some products is reached or you don’t count the items correctly? NexoPOS offers you a feature that solves the issue: The stock adjustment. Those are increases or decreases in inventories to account for thefts, losses, breaks, and errors in the amount or number of items received. The stock adjustment process is one important step in the Inventory. Then, you will learn how to make a stock adjustment on this tutorial.

Stock adjustment: Presentation and process

For any store owner, inventory adjustment is an important step in its inventory process. This feature allows him to control his inventory by limiting the differences between the current stock and the current stock saved on a computer. and therefore, proper control over the flow of incoming and outgoing products.

The presentation

The stock adjustment is doing on the quantity of the concerned item. In order to perform a stock adjustment; you have to click on the “Inventory” menu, after on the “Adjustment of quantities” submenu.

The “Adjustment” of quantities” screen contains the main field (1) that functions as a search bar. You insert the first three characters of the barcode, article name, or inventory management unit (SKU) for the search. After, a drop-down menu with item suggestions will appear on the screen (2). And you have the “Search” button (3) on the left side of the screen to set the chosen item.

Now we’ll see how the stock adjustment works on NexoPOS.

The process

For example, we’ll make a stock adjustment for the following item: “Shimmer Open Back Bodycon Dress”. So we’ll show you step by step the process. But first of all, once the item is chosen, two tables appear on your screen, one where you choose the procurement to supply on the required field (1).  and the other where you consult the history of adjustments made (2).

Step 1 : Set the supply

Once the item set, you have to define the associated supply,. In this case the “Winter collection 2019”. It’s extremely important during the operation that the chosen item is associated with a procurement. Follow this link to know “How to proceed to a stock stock taking on NexoPOS”

Step 2 : Set the action to make

In this second step, you have two options. Either you “Remove” items for quantity adjustment, or you remove “Faulty” items. So you have an “Action” button to make your choice. You can also provide details for this operation. Once finished, validate your action by clicking the “Submit the operation” button. In our example, we are going to remove 20 faulty items.

Step 3 : Showing results

On the right part of the screen, you have table displaying the results. The results of your present action will display with older stock adjustment operations. So you have details like the adjusted quantity, the adjustment type and the remaining stock. You can edit any adjustment operation made if you want by clicking the button with the pencil icon.


Well, that’s all for this tutorial. Thank you for your attention. If you have any issue during the process, please let us know at [email protected], or by commenting the tutorial.