NexoPOS offers a lot of features essential to the smooth running of your business. One of these features is the ability to manage expenses related to your activity (Water, electricity, equipment). As part of this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create, delete and edit an expense on NexoPOS.

How to create an expense on NexoPOS

To create an expense on NexoPOS, You must first create expense categories. A good distribution of expenses facilitates accounting analysis. In this section, we’ll show you how to access the “New Expense” page. Then, after explaining the creation process, we’ll show you how to check the created expenses.

How to access to the “New Expense” page

To start, click on the “Expenses” menu, then go to the “New Expense” submenu.

You can also do it on the “Expense list” page by clicking on the “Add invoice” button.

Creation process

Let’s explore the “New expense” screen. This latter has seven fields. Some of which are required.

  1. The field “Name” which is a mandatory field allows you to name an expense.
  2. The “Invoice price” field is also a required field. Here, you must set the invoice’s amount.
  3. The field “Category” which is mandatory also allows you to classify your expense in a heading which you’ll have previously defined.
  4. The “Reference” field is usually the identifier number of the expense. It’s not mandatory but remains an important element for search on the list of expenses.
  5. The “Description” field allows you to provide more information.

You also have buttons such as the “Upload a file” button that allows you to load a supporting document. Then you have the button “Save” to save your data and move to new data entry, the button “Save and return to the list” to save and go to the list of expenses, and finally the button “Cancel” to reset your data entries . As an example, we’ll create an electricity bill that we’ll classify in the category of variable charges.

Checking expenses created

Here, you can now check the list of saved expenses on the “Expenses list” screen. Also, note that you can click on the supporting document to enlarge it.

How to delete an expense on NexoPOS

In order to delete an expense, you need to access to the expenses list which shows all the expenses available. This page allows you to delete expenses in 3 different ways. You should note that, for all these cases, you’ll always have to confirm your action.

How to bulk delete expenses

Make a simultaneous selection of all the expenses on the table (1) then click on “Delete selected” button (2). Also, note that you can display more entries on the table if you want to delete more expenses.

How to delete multiple expenses

Here, you can delete one or more expenses from the table.

How to delete single expense

By clicking on the “Options” button on the far right of your page, you have the “Delete invoices” option to delete an expense.

How to edit an expense on NexoPOS

We’ll show you how to edit an expense. In order, you must go to the “Expenses List” page. Make a quick search for the expense to edit, for example, the “Computers equipment” expense. Click on the “Options” button and select the “Edit invoice” option. Once on the page, make any changes that you think are necessary.

After having made your modification, don’t forget to save that by clicking on the “Save” button.


An error message appears, prompting the user to check the fields when :

  • You create an expense with a name already in use, the creation will fail.
  •  While setting up an expense, if you forget to fill in one of the required fields, the creation will fail.

Wrapping Up

Creating an expense on NexoPOS is a first step on the calculation of the result or profit. The expense creation page has seven fields. You can only fill the required fields, but don’t hesitate to provide more information for your expense. If you have any issue during the process, please let us know at [email protected], or by commenting the tutorial.