NexoPOS comes with a various roles and features which are setup in a specific way. However, this set of features to roles might not be enough or well made for your store. There is then a built-in feature called Permisison Manager which help you to adjust the permissions assigned to the roles. We’ve already covered the topic on a tutorial on YouTube, but you can also proceed with the tutoriel to learn more.

Enabling the Permission Manager Module

The Permission Manager module is an available module on NexoPOS. This module is not enabled by default, so it need to be enabled. Let’s move to the modules and then search for that module.

Let’s click on the button “Enable”, which will turn to “Disable” when the module is active. Doing that should add a new menu to the users menu.

How To Understand The Permissions Table

Once you access to the permission UI, you can see a table of permissions and roles with permissions description on the left.

Basically, each permissions has a checkbox available for each available role. If the checkbox is checked, that means the permissions is available for the defined role. You can then enable/disable permissions and click on the “Save Permissions” located close to the search field to save your modifications. The “Search Permission” helps you to search a specific permisison more faster. Close to each role there is a checkbox which help you to enable/disable all permission for the role.

Make sure to save your configuration once you’re done with the modification.


  • Some modules such as “Gastro” might add more permission to this table. So, the table available on this tutorial might be different from what you have on your installations.
  • Sometime in order to restrict the access to a feature, you’ll need to disable a set of permissions. This will hide the menu on the dashboard as well.

That’s all for this tutorial, i hope that will help you to know how the permissions manager works on NexoPOS.