If  you’re using Gastro for your restaurant, then you might want to know how the ready orders are handled. Gastro ship various UI and controls, which let you manage the orders once it has been send to the kitchen and being cooked. Before doing that, you need to know what are the state of the orders. We’ll explore it from the creation, till the moment it’s collected and served to the customer.

What are the various order states ?

Once an order is being placed on Gastro, you have the choice to send it to the kitchen with or without payment. Once send to the kitchen, the order takes the state “pending” which basically mean the order has yet been placed and it’s not yet handled by the chef. The chef can start cooking the meal which change the status from “pending” to “ongoing“. And if one of the item within the mean is ready the state will change to “partially ready” or “ready” if all items within the meal are ready. What we’re about to cover today is how the order should be managed once it has been set as ready.

How to monitor ready orders from the POS

Once an order is ready, it’s available from the “Ready Orders” popup available on the POS.

When the ready orders popup is open, all ready orders are listed and can then be printed and paid. You need to click on the “Ready orders” button to proceed.

Note that this popup shows all order(Dine in, Takeaway, Delivery).  You can manage ready orders from the table management. But the tables management only shows Dine in orders.

Now you can select the table where the order has been placed to see the availables controls. We’ll then click on “Table A” which already have order placed above (since the timer is running).

You need to select an order in order to see all the controls available for that order. These controls usually looks like this :

Here are the available controls and a brief description of what they does :

  • Checkout : Open the payment popup to proceed to the payment of an order.
  • New Item: let you add more items to the order placed on that table (This action is not possible of the other order types).
  • Print : print the order using the regular printing. Nexo Print Server will be supported soon here.
  • Change Table: to switch that order to another table
  • Details: to show the details of the order

How to collect meals from the POS using the waiter screen

the purpose of collecting meal individually, is to make sure as the order is being cooked, the ready items can yet be servedd to the customer. This help the waiter to provide a quicker service and the customer to wait less. The ready meal popup let you handle then meal individual and it’s available close to the ready orders button.

This show all ready items for each order partially ready or completely ready. The waiter can then collect a meal and then server it to the customer based on the available informations.

The waiter screen is also available on the dashboard, in case the waiter should’nt have access to the POS.

Unlike the Waiter Screen available on the POS, this latest set the entire order as collected.