One of the very interesting features on Gastro is the ability to move an order from one table to another. Indeed, in the restaurant industry, this situation is quite common for more or less multiple reasons. Well, the main thing will be to show you in this tutorial, how to perform this operation on Gastro.

Move an order from a table to elsewhere on Gastro

First of all, we’ll clarify some requirements, then we’ll introduce the table management interface. And finally, we’ll explain the process.


The move of an order from one table to elsewhere is done for dine-in orders. In addition, only the orders already assigned to the tables are moved. So, according to your Gastro settings, the move of orders can be carried out on tables arranged by areas or not.

If you disable areas in Gastro settings, moving an order assigned to one table to another follows the same steps as described for tables with areas. Moreover, there are no more restrictions on the choice of tables according to areas. All you need to do is to select the table whose order you want to move and follow the steps.

If you want to view the table management page for this case, please go on the tutorial “how to add more items to a busy table“. You can also follow the link “How to assign an order to a table on Gastro” to know where to access the management interface tables, still called table selection menu.

Introducing the table management interface

In this case, we assume that your restaurant has areas. (You can activate it in the “features” tabs of the Gastro settings). So, let’s go to the table management interface. Here we’ll consider that some orders have already been assigned as shown on the picture below.

For example, we choose the Area 2 including the tables B and C. We’ll, therefore, move the orders assigned to the table C to the table B. Note that you can also move orders between tables already taken. But, Gastro only allows the movement of the orders between the tables of the same area.

The process explained

In practice, you must click on the table whose orders you want to move, the table C. You’ll see on the right of your screen a section of the order history of the table C. When you assign orders to a table, in reality, you open a session that will end either at the payment of the note, or at a table change. The session has as an identifier the number of the order (BJLFL5 for our example). Click on the “Change Tables” button to continue.

Then, to move the assigned order to table C to table B, click on the “Table B” button. You can also click on the “Cancel” button to go back.

Then, you’ll have to set the number of seats to fill for the new table (Maximum of 5 for table B). We’ll suppose in our example that you change tables to add a guest. Which brings to four the number of seats.

You must then confirm your action by clicking on the “Confirm” button. Or, you can go back by clicking on the button “Table B (4)”

Then, a popup will appear asking you to confirm your choice. Click on the “Yes” button to continue.

After, you can check the effective change on the table B by opening the table history. you’ll have the following result :

Wrapping up

Move an order from a table to elsewhere is very easy on Gastro. On the table management interface, just select the table whose you want to move the order then choose the table where you want to move it. The intermediate steps allow you to set the number of seats and confirm your action. Well, we are thank you for reading this tutorial, if you like that, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends, or share your thoughts on the comments.