Most of our customers are usually buying a licence of NexoPOS to install it for their customers. They are often IT services providers and would like their customers to recognize their brand on their product, even though NexoPOS doesn’t provide an extended licence. In fact, We (at Nexo Solutions) do allow anyone buying our items to rebrand them. This as long as their have for each installations a licence. Without further annoying introduction, let’s get straight to the point.

Rebrand Limitations

Unfortunately, the system cannot be fully rebranded. Some customers has requested to change the slug mentionning “nexo” on the URL, this is not easilly achievable and might lead to a huge wave of bugs & errors. So, you’re strongly invited not to change the source code, unless if you do know what you’re doing. However, the rebrand can be made on the following aspect of the system :

  • Changing the login/registration page logo
  • Changing the logo on the top left side of the dashboard
  • Changing the copyright text at the footer on the dashboard

How to change the logo on NexoPOS

In order to achieve this, once NexoPOS is installed, head to the NexoPOS Settings then General settings.

This page, has various tabs and the tab you should get into is the “Brand” tab.

From this page, you can notice various fields. For the logo, the first field to change is the Logo type. Indeed, NexoPOS let you choose wether you want to use an image or a text as a logo on the login/registration page. For an image, there is no build in file manager, so you have to upload it by your own. This is possible using a FTP Client. You can upload your file “logo.png” at the root of your installation or at “public/upload” directory (more advised). Your URL will then either be or http://yourwebsite/public/upload/logo.png, according to your upload choice.

So choose the logo type, and you should input the logo URL on “Link to an image URL” and write your text on “Logo Text”. Note that you can use HTML tags. You need to fill both fields because, the dasboard of NexoPOS use the image and the text at the same time.

Don’t forget to save your settings. Here is now how the login page looks like.

Note that, if your logo image is too wide, you can reduce it by setting the width on the settings. There is not need to add “px” after. Here is an example :

For the dashboard, the logo appear if you collapse the sidebar and the text appear if you expand the sidebar. You can toggle the sidebar status if you click on the “bar” icon on the top header.

How to change the copyright text on the dashboard

The next step is to change hte copyright text on the footer. You’ll usually do that to display your company phone number or any relevant information. So, let’s step back to the NexoPOS Settings > General, and click on the Brand tab. Now, search for the field with “Footer text” and input the text of your choice.

Save you settings, and you’ll see on the footer of your dashboard the following text :

That’s basically all for rebranding NexoPOS. Let’s us know how it goes from your side by commenting or emailing us at [email protected]