The Self Order Kiosk is a NexoPOS extension which let a customer order by himself. Before being able to place an order, this latest should have an account and login to the kiosk UI. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to register a new account on Self Order Kiosk and how to login.

Before proceeding, we assume that, you’ve already installed Self Order Kiosk on NexoPOS. Since it’s a module, it can be installed using the same gui on installing modules on Tendoo CMS.

How to register an account using Self Order Kiosk

Before having access to the self order kiosk, you need to access to the dashboard of your store. Note that the SOK (Self Order Kiosk) doesn’t works yet with multiple store of NexoPOS. So, while the multistore mode is disabled, you’ll be able to see “SOK Frontend”, which basically takes you to the UI.

The SOK frontend is similar to the POS frontend with some small changes :

In order to register an account, you need to click on the button “Create an account”, on top abover the customer cart.

Doing that open a popup where you can provide :

  • username
  • password
  • email

Note that, only unique email and username are allowed. That means that, if a username or email is already in use within the customes table, the registration will fails. Self Order Kiosk actually extends the customers table. So all your these credentials informations are saved on that tables. So the customers won’t be able to login to the dashboard, since it’s restricted to the administrators or the POS users.

When everything is set, you can proceed by clicking on “OK”. The customers registration will be ongoing. If something goes wrong, you’ll get notified :

How to login using Self Order Kiosk

We would like to remind you first that the module Self Order Kiosk only works for customers. So when we mean “Login”, that mean only within the UI available with the SOK. In order to login, which is a required step before ordering, you need to click on the button “Login”.

This open a popup where the customer can fill his username and password and proceed with the authentication.

According to the success or the fail of the operation, you’ll have a message displayed on the top if the authentication fails.

If the authentication is sucessful, the login and create account buttons will be hidden in favor of “Welcome XXX, Logout ?” button. You can click on that button to logout and close the current session.

When an account is logged out, if the current items from the card are deleted.

That’s all, you know now how to register and login using the Self Order Kiosk.