Nexo Platform is a web platform created to provide more feature to NexoPOS installation and to register and validate your licences.  In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create an account on Nexo Platform and how to register licences as well.

How to register on Nexo Platform

You need to access to the login page and start filling the available form, by providing your username, email and password.

Once that you’ve provided all your informations, you’ll be redirected to the login page. An Email should be send to you account to help you validating this latest. This step is required. If you didn’t receive an email, please let us know at [email protected]

You can however try to login once again, in order to be able to receive another activation email. The login page should look like this.

How to register licences on Nexo Platform

After the registration, you can login. Nexo Platform will takes you to the login page of Envato. If you’re already connected, you’ll access to the authorization page of Envato. We’re using Envato API to check all the licence purchased by our customers. Our platform has then only access to some of your informations to verify your purchase. You just have to login and on the next page, to grant the access to Nexo Platform.

When everything is done, you’ll be redirected back to Nexo Platform dashboard. Now click on licences, then Add new licence to register your licences.

You might have multiple licences and according to your domains, you need to define which licence is used on that domain.

To select your licence, provide your domain and save it, and that’s all. During the process, you might be facing an issue which indicate that you don’t have available licence on your account. Remember, Nexo Platform only consider licence of our items. This include NexoPOS, Gastro and Nexo Print Server for now.

Also, note that a licence can only be used once per domain. So you might face this issue, if the licence is already in use on another domain. The solution for this case, is to deactivate the licence for that domain and proceed. Once a licence is added, you’ll be redirected to the licence list. From there you can manage them.

You cannot edit a licence which is activated. If you want to switch from one domain to another, the licence must be deactivated first.

Now you can repeat the process for all the licences that you’ve bought on CodeCanyon and add it on Nexo Platform.