Let assume you’ve created your system and for any reason, you lost the password of the administrator. It’s possible to use the recovery option on NexoPOS if it’s enabled, but it won’t be possible if you’re using the system locally. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to reset your password when you lost it.

Note that this tutorial only works if you’ve lost the master user password. Otherwise, yo’ure invited to change password of your users from the application.

1 – Delete the user from the database

Before moving ahead on this tutorial, you need to make a backup of your current installation (Files & Database). This will be helpful is something wrong happen.

The first step should be to delete the user for whom you lost the password. This can be done from PHPMyAdmin, but it can also be any other database manager. Tendoo CMS stores users under the table “_aauth_users” (consider prefixing with your db table prefix).

Normally, the main users has the ID 2, so you can delete that users and go back to the application.

2 – Create a new Master user

As you might know yet, the master user has all right on Tendoo CMS. If the system doesn’t have any master users (since we’ve deleted that user), you’ll be invited to create a new user.

You just need to define your details. You might also need to defined back your site name and your language.

3 – Change the ID of the new master user

Now that the new administrator is created, we need to change the ID of the new user to match the old user ID. This will help you to keep the old content assigned to the new user. You can easilly do that from your database manager.

Change that ID into the old deleted user id (usually it’s 2). Once done, you’ve succesfully restored your account.