The Self Order Kiosk module helps your customers to manage the order by themself. The only thing you’ll have to do, is to checkout the order once it’s placed by the customer. However, before checking out, the customer need to have a reference of the placed order, and this could be possible we he do have a receipt of the transaction. On this tutorial, you’ll then learn how to connect Nexo Print Server and Self Order Kiosk. Let’s get started.

All about the requirements

In order to use Nexo Print Server, you obviously need to have Nexo Print Server installed and Self Order Kiosk installed on your NexoPOS installation. Don’t forget that Self Order Kiosk is a module, so it has to be installed like so.

Nexo Print Server settings on SOK (Self Order Kiosk)

In order to use Nexo Print Server on Self Order Kiosk, you need to head up to the SOK settings.

On this page, you just need to provide the Server IP and select the printer. Note that before you need to know how to setup Nexo Print Server, it should be running. When the printer URL is filled, the printers available will appear on the “Printer” dropdown.

The only action now is to select the printer you want to assign to Self Order Kiosk. Once you done, don’t forget to save the settings. Now the customers could get a receipt while using the self ordering kiosk.

If it doesn’t works as expected, please feel free to comment the post or to contact us at [email protected]