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How To Setup Twilio For NexoPOS

How to Setup Twilio for NexoPOS

The management of the customer relationship also goes through simple actions that you can perform. You can arouse the desire to return to the customer by small gestures that we all find trivial. Sending a thank you SMS is part of it.

NexoPOS allows you to send personalized SMS to each purchase to your customers. You can use this to strengthen your reports and why not encourage them to come back.

In this tutorial I will show you how to send thank you SMS to your customers. You should also make sure NexoPOS is installed.

How to setup Twilio SMS on NexoPOS

First thing you need to acheive, is to make sure the “Nexo SMS Invoice” module is enabled on module list.

When NexoPOS SMS will be enabled, that will make a new sub menu to appear on the “Nexo Settings” menu.

On the left side, you’ll notice a new box with :

  • Twilio SID
  • Access Token
  • and the Sending Number

All these informations can be retrieved from your Twilio Dashboard.

You may need first to create API keys :

After having created your API keys, you can now get the SID and the secret key. You’ll fill corresponding fields on Twilio settings on NexoPOS.

You’ll also need to fill the “sending number“. Make sure you use the phone numbers you have created on Twilio.

How to enable SMS invoices

Now Twilio is enabled, you’ll need to enable SMS invoices to send automatic invoice to your customers. All you have to do, is to access Nexo checkout settings.

From this screen, search for the option “Send invoice by SMS” and the set this option to “Yes”.

Now each time you’re proceeding a sale on NexoPOS, an invoice will be send to the selected customer.

If the customer didn’t have a valid phone number, the invoice won’t be send.

Sometime, you’ll need not to send SMS invoice or to change the phone number which will receive invoice. You acheive this on the “Pay Box“. All you have to do is to :

Turn off SMS for now : SMS invoice won’t be send

Turn off and then turn on SMS : to change the phone number which will receive invoice.

Here is how to process work

That’s all for this tutorial, how it will help you to setup SMS on NexoPOS.

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