Restaurants often have customers who wish to split orders in complex ways. For example, three guests sharing the same table but only two pay a common item. Fortunately, Gastro includes the ability to split an order. This will be the subject of our tutorial.

How to split an order on Gastro

If you want to split an order on Gastro, you need to make a “dine in” order first. So, It doesn’t matter if it’s on hold or sent to the kitchen. We’ll guide you step by step throughout the process. For that, we’ll first show where you split an order, and finally we’ll see the process itself.

Where do you split an order on Gastro?

When you are on the POS screen, you’ll see a row of buttons at the top of this page. Just click on the “Options” button and select the “Split order”.

This will make a popup appear. Once on that, you’ll see all the orders ready to be split. Furthermore, it’s important to note that only the “Dine in” orders appear on the Split Orders window. For example, you have two available orders that can be split. You therefore have the following information about the orders :

  1. The “Code” of the order : It’s an identification number for the order. In our case, the code is  VJ1IWE .
  2. The “Customer” name of the order : It’s the name of the customer to whom the order is assigned. For this example, it’s the default customer  “Customer Account”.
  3. The “Total” of the order : It’s the total amount of the order. It will be for now $ 29.47 .
  4. The “Table” of the order : It’s the table for the customers who placed the order. We’ll assign to the “Table A”.

You also have a search field and some buttons as follows :

  • The “Refresh” button who allows you to refresh the window when you add another orders to split.
  •  The “Search order” field allows you to search an order with his code or title.
  • The “Checkout” button allows you to proceed to the payment of an order.
  • The “Split Order” button allows you to proceed to split of an order.
  • The “Close” button allows you to close the window.

Now we can proceed to split an order.

Splitting an order on Gastro

As said above, you have to click on the “Split Order” button to proceed to a split. So another window will open. It has two sections. One of them groups the items of the order (1) and the other section has a field allowing to choose the number of splits desired for that order (2). We’ll select the “VJ1IWE” order and t’s the main order. Of course, you have a “Cancel” button to cancel your operation.

In our example, we have divided the order into two parts: Order 1 and Order 2. You just have now to assign each item to each split based on the recommendations given by the customers. So suppose that we assign the “Spice Apple Dip” to Order 1. To do this, select the Order 1 first by clicking on it, then click on the “+” icon of the “Spice Apple Dip” item for add on the Order 1. At the end, you must set a customer for the order 1. We have set here “Customer account”.

Since the procedure is the same, we’ll now assign all the other elements of the main order to order 2. Moreover, if you want to remove an already assigned element, you can click on the “-“ icon of the item already added to the split. If you have finish, click on the “Split the order” button to confirm your operation.

When you click on the “Split the order” button, a pop up window appears asking you to confirm your action, so just click on yes to continue.

After that, you’ll be redirected to the split orders list. So you can therefore proceed to the payment of that order or divide it again if you want.

That’s all for splitting orders. Let us know how it goes from your side by commenting or contacting us at [email protected]