If you’ve been using WooCommerce for a while now, you might have a lot of products, categories and customers. Nexo Store offer you a way to sync all these components right into NexoPOS. This tutorial will then show you how to sync WooCommerce entities into NexoPOS.

Requirements beforce Syncing to NexoPOS

Your system need to meet some requirements before syncing to NexoPOS. The first one is to have, either a WordPress installation with WooCommerce and a NexoPOS installation with Gastro. On your WordPress installation, make sure Nexo Store is installed and activated. You should also check that NexoPOS is linked to Nexo Platform.

You should note that for the first version of Nexo Store, it’s only possible to sync from WooCommerce to NexoPOS. However, this is likely to change on the furture updates.

How to sync to NexoPOS from WooCommerce

You should access to WooCommerce settings from WordPress dashboard.

From there, you can see availables tabs which displays different settings. Among them, you can see the “Nexo Store” tab. Click on that to access to the settings.

Nexo Store tab himself has 3 sub tabs :

  • General
  • Synchronization
  • Authentication

Click on Synchronization to continue.

This tabs shows 2 options :

  • Sync Options : which is the direction of the synchronization
  • Assign Author : the author who should be assigned to all  the created items.

By default, you only have the option “Sync from WooCommerce to NexoPOS“. So you only have to select the author and launch the synchronization. You should note that, doing that will erase all data available on NexoPOS to add new one provided by WooCommerce. It’s not a bidrectional synchronization, so keep that in mind.

If you click on “Launch the Synchronization”, you’ll have to confirm your action. Don’t close the page (browser) during the process. You’ll see a progress bar which show the current status of the synchronization.

It should take some time to complete according to your available data. Once done, go back to NexoPOS and check if : the items, the customers and settings has been imported.


During the synchronization, you might face various issues. These issues can be related to what follows :

  • Not connected to Nexo Platform : you should make sure to authenticate with Nexo Platform before doing this
  • NexoPOS not linked to Nexo Platform : as we said before, it’s required to have NexoPOS linked to Nexo Platform
  • NexoPOS installation is not available : if your website is not available (hosted locally or host down), you won’t be able to synchronize.

If during the process something goes wrong, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]