Tracking the working time of the workers is crucial if your conteact with the workers are based on the time. Since NexoPOS 3.13.3, it’s possible to track the working time of the workers and that what we’re about to cover today.

What is required for the Session Tracker

In order to use this feature, you need to have the registers enabled. This can be made from the checkout settings on NexoPOS Settings.

How to enable the Session Tracker

After having enabled (and saved the settings) the registers, 2 more options will appear under the registers options.

You should also define after how many minutes a cashier is assumed as inactive. Once set, everytime a cashier is detected as inactive, the time of that cashier will stop and he’ll have to continue the session.

How to check Session Report

The session report let you know how many time a cashier (worker) has been active during a specific time range. This report also include the opening amount, the closing amount and the expected amount.

The expected amount is the amount that should be available at the closing of the register. This doesn’t include the expenses, but only the sales (total of complete orders). We might extend this to partially paid orders as well.

To get started, you need to select the cashier, then the register and a time range for the report.

If a cashier has’nt worked during a specific day, obviouly the table will be empty. Here is how the report looks like.

Note that this report is experimental. It might need to be improved or adjusted. Let us know your feedback about that.