The most usual way to test NexoPOS is to install it locally and test all features. It’s also the fastest way to do it since you won’t have to care about FTP stuff. Normally when you’re done with your tests, you might want now to transfer NexoPOS from one domain (or from local development server) to a remote server. This guide will let you know all that you need, to achieve that.

Requirements before moving NexoPOS

This tutorial works for anyone who has registered to Nexo Platform. If you don’t know yet, Nexo Platform helps you to register your licenses and your installations. And thanks to that, you can have in time the support you deserve. So, the first requirement is obviously to have an account and to have yet registered on your licenses. Note that, if you haven’t activated your licenses, but have used NexoPOS with the annoying notice, then you can jump directly to the Uploading Files section.

Alright, we assume you have activated the license on your testing environment. So, we’ll first deactivate your license before transferring the files. To deactivate your license, go to NexoPOS Settings on your dashboard then Licence Management.

Your only action here is to click on the button Deactivate Licence. You should make sure that you have your internet connection active (especially if you perform this action on your local server). For the meantime, if you try to deactivate the license with no internet connexion active, the system will proceed and lock the system. If you fail to deactivate the license, you can get in touch with us at [email protected]

Normally after the operation, you won’t be able to use the system, unless you activate back your license on it. Now log to Nexo Platform and check if your license has the status “Deactivated“.

If it’s not the case, please contact us as soon as possible for that at [email protected]

How to Upload Files on the new server

Now that your license is deactivated, you can easily transfer your files from your computer (or your server) to another location (another server). Doing that consist of :

  • making a copy of your database through PhpMyAdmin
  • making a copy of your files

You don’t need to worry about the path since NexoPOS detect automatically where it’s installed and adjust himself accordingly. Note that, if your license is registered for a domain like “http://localhost/nexopos”, you might need to log to Nexo Platform to change that. Since your license is deactivated, you can do that easily. It’s required if you want Nexo Platform to recognize your installation.

Now you’re ready to activate your license, the process is the same as you did to activate your license for the first time. With a copy of your previous installation, it should be the only action possible to unlock all features. At the time of writing this guide, you don’t need to worry about the license on Gastro or even Self Order Kiosk, since they don’t require that yet.

What to do if I can’t deactivate by myself

Usually, you need to contact the support ([email protected]), but we need to be clear about the cases where we can and cannot deactivate your license. First of all, if your setup is hosted online, the setup needs to be uninstalled. Remember that the license could only be used once per domain. If a domain has his license deactivate by us, this domain should no longer run NexoPOS. We receive update request from setup which runs NexoPOS and it includes the owner of the domain and his license. We’re then likely to block and void the license if we detect that the license is used at 2 locations at the same time. If you’re out from the case, feel free to ping us and we’ll sort that situation as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up

Not everyone needs to care about the license stuff when they plan to transfer NexoPOS from local computer to remote server (or from one server to another). You should do that only if you’ve yet activated the license on the local environment. If it’s not the case, just transfer your files and you’re ready to go.