After having installed the module Self Order Kiosk on your system, this latest will update the customers components on the dashboard, and provide new fields. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to update a customer username and password directly from your dashboard for Self Order Kiosk.

What the username and password are useful for ?

If you’ve been login for a way for your customers to order by their own, then you might have been interested by Self Order Kiosk. This module extend the customers components, and provide a dedicated UI to place order by the customers. The reason of the username and password is to make sure that the right customer order using his name and password. This might also help you to identify the customer, once this latest come to the POS terminal to proceed to the checkout.

How to change the customer username and password

By default, once the customers has registered from the SOK Frontend, they cannot change their password or username. Even though this is likely to change, we’ll show you how to update these informations from the dashboard. The first thing to do then, is to access to the dashboard and click on customers lists.

this takes you to the table, where you can edit existing customers. So we’ll pick a customer and edit him.

Now from the customers edit page, down on the “Basic informations” tab, you can see 2 news fields. These fields helps you to change the customers username and password.

Atfer the modification of the customer username and password, don’t forget to save your modifications.You should also make sure that, you’re not assigning an already used username. You’re not only restricted to update a username & password. Actually you can also set a password, while creating a customer from the dashboard.

That’s all, you now know how to update the customer username and password.