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How To Use Modifiers In Gastro

How to use modifiers in Gastro

The menu of most restaurant is usually made up of meals with slight variation. The creation of a different product each time to represent the variety of each meal is a heavy and tedious work at the same time.
On Gastro, we offer you the modifiers, which allow you to offer the customer the possibility to add supplements on his meal, without having to create a new product.
In this tutorial I will show you how the modifiers work on Gastro.

What’s is a modifier on Gastro

Basically a modifier is a property which can be applied to one item to make it match client needs. A modifier could be ice cube, salt, ketchup even a temperature like cold or hot. A modifier in Gastro is defined by the group of modifiers to which it belong and by his own properties.

How to create a modifier group?

Creating a modifier group is the first step in the way of making a good modifier. The modifier group is the one that shall be applied to an item for modifier selection to in the Point Of Sale. To Create a modifier group click “Inventory > Modifiers Group” then click “Add Modifiers Groups” on the top of the page.

You should get this:

Now take a look at the fields :

  • Name: the name of the modifier group Eg: Sandwich modifiers
  • Forced modifiers: If “Yes” selected the item to which the modifier group is applied will use at least one modifier of this modifier group.
  • Multiselect : If “Yes” selected allow more than one modifiers per items
  • Description : Text description for the modifier group

Now that you have created a modifier group, you can add some modifiers to this group. That’s what we’ll see just after.

How to create a new modifier

In the modifiers list, click “Add modifier” button:

You’ll get this:

Let’s take a look to the fields:

  • Name : The name of the modifiers Eg : Sausage
  • Group : The modifier group
  • Default : Whether the modifier should be used by default
  • Price : The price of the modifier if left blank the modifier will be free
  • Thumb : A little picture for the modifier
  • Description : Text description

Use the modifier :

Now that we have created a modifier, we can use it. First we need to bind our modifier group to an item. We choose one item in the item list and we Edit it. In the inventory tab we select the modifier group like following :

How the modifiers works

Now that the modifers is ready, we can use it on the Point of Sale. First we select the product:

If the item has a modifier, a popup will appear to let you choose the modifier you would like to apply.

And we click add modifier. After this you can note that the modifier is visible under the item:

It’s also possible to edit a modifier added to an item, you just have to click on “edit” for that item  and you’ll be able to change that modifier. That’s the basics for the modifiers.

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