The follow-up of the cash register is a very important step for most shop owners. If your shop owns it, you can follow the activity of this latter by using the cash registers on NexoPOS, and this is what we will show you in this tutorial.

What is a register?

A minimalistic register is a device made of one keyboard, a calculator, a printer and a secured till.

A register is particularly a solution for managing sales per employees. Using registers allow to control each transaction made by a cashier on the store that’s why a register is linked to an employee as a workstation.

How to create a register in NexoPOS?

First you’ll need to enable the registers in registers settings. There is a lot of parameters on this interface. You can learn about it here. To enable registers, first click “Settings > Checkout” you will get this:

Choose “yes” for the “use cash registers” option. Now that you have made register available, you have to learn how to add a register. On the side menu click “Registers > Add a register” this is what you should get:

You have to fill three fields :

  • Checkout : The name of the register to add
  • State : There is two state for the register :
    • Close: the register is usable and shall be open by a user with cashier privileges
    • Locked : the register is unusable
  • Description : A descriptive text for the register

Now that you have created a register you can list the registers by clicking “Registers > Register list“:

Using registers

This view is cool but the better one is the view of the cashiers. If you don’t know what is a cashier you can learn about it here. When connected as a cashier the register list look like this:

The cashier can now select an open register and work with it in the Point of sale. The cashier have to enter the open amount:

After making a transaction in the Point Of Sale, the cashier have to close the register:

When closing register, the cashier have to enter the closing amount:

Now that the register is working the administrator can view the register history :

You can also note that when a register is used by one user another one cannot use it. Like int this case logged in as the admin we can’t use the register opened by the cashier:

And that’s how we use the registers on NexoPOS.